Will your dog be in your wedding?

Updated Oct 12 2015
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If so, you might need a tiny top hat for your wedding dog from baddoghats.com. (Oh, and I'm guessing those little top hats fit people, too!)

  1. Of course!! my dog is like my furry, brown little child. I just need to find a mini-tux that will fit a 7 pound dachshund….

  2. Maybe not in the actual ceremony but she'll definitely be in attendance. We'll give her something to look pretty in and she can have fun getting it dirty.

  3. Yes!! She will be my flowergirl (my mom still thinks I'm kidding whenever I mention it)!!
    I don't really like dressing up dogs (and she's not used to it), so I'll probably buy her a brand new collar and attach some flowers to it…

  4. I would loooove to have my little beastie in my wedding, but the reality of the situation is: he is very, very shy and all those people would scare him to pieces. So, as much as I *want* to include him, I won't, out of respect for his personality.

  5. I am planning to have my husky be the ring bearer and then stand with the groomsmen. My mom keeps saying that there's no place that will let that happen but, we will see! If anyone knows anywhere in St. louis that allows dogs to participate indoors (winter wedding) please let me know, thank you!

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