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Photo by: mikecogh – CC BY 2.0
Photo by: mikecoghCC BY 2.0

Wedding hashtags: they're not just for hipsters. Having your own hashtag is one of the easiest ways to not only collect extra photos from your guests, but also to share your event with people who have to be MIA on your wedding day.

But be warned: Choosing the right hashtag is mega important. I have friends who blended their initials to create a special hashtag… only to find out that #KEEK was actually already a very popular hashtag. All wedding photos got slurped up into a sea of photos and videos of strangers. Oops.

Or maybe you wanted to use your last names, but people have a hard time remembering how to spell it? Now you have photos spread out over #FinleyTharpewedding and #FindlayTharpwedding or that one guy who kept using #TharpeFinlaywedding (what was his deal!?).

Photo by Brynne Owen

Yes, you can put reminders of the hashtag in strategic places to help with spelling errors. But you also need to first find that perfect, unused, easy-to-remember wedding hashtag.

Of course there are hashtag generators online, and that's cool and all, but they only pick options from the same few tired algorithms. We know for a fact that our readers are WAY more clever than any robot can be… let's chat in the comments and see what we can do!

Here are a few of our favorites that our readers have come up with:

  • My new last name is Handley, which sounds (a little bit) like Happily – so we went classic, romantic with our hashtag and chose #HandleyEverAfter
  • I'm going to be a Howe, so ours is #HoweSweetItIs
  • Last name Pham: #wearePhamily
  • For last name Gidrey: #GidreyUp
  • New last name Grey: #isupportgreymarriage
  • Last name Wiener: #WienerTakesAll
  • My name is Annelise and my last name is my fiance's name is Alex: #bringyourAgame
  • Last name Wilk: #WilkYouMarryMe
  • Last name Pitts: #newPittsontheblock
  • Last name Whiteley: #NiceDayForAWhiteleyWedding
  • Brittany & Aaron: #Brittron
  • I'm the Holsinger and he's the Webster: #theWebbingSinger
  • Last name Blake: #takestheblake

…but that's just the tip of the iceberg!

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember that hashtags don't HAVE to be about last names!

Try playing with the name of your venue, your wedding theme, your wedding date, your first names squished together, the time of year of your wedding, shared interests, or just good puns. One of our favorite wedding hashtags we saw recently was #weddingthebed. HA!

So, guys, what awesome wedding hashtags did you think up? Let's generate our own hashtags!

  1. can you help me create hashtag for my upcoming wedding
    name: princess (cess)
    name: thante (rr)
    surname : Samson
    Im thingking #ThantesPrincessSayIdo but its too plain? hoping for creative ideas please.. thanks

  2. I am getting married year not decided yet jut got engaged and my current last name is ASKIN easy to make a lot of hash tags for but my fiance's last name is HUDSON!

    We are big in country music and live in the woods and we haven't decided to have a Camoflauged backyard woods wedding or a beach wedding. Don't know if its possible to think of cute but funny hastags for my future last name.

  3. My daughter is getting married September 28,2019 and her fiance's last name is Cockerham!!!!! I just can't figure anything out. Her name is Alexzandra (Alex) and his is Chris.

  4. Hi Please help me
    My name is Eden Rose and my Last name is Caputolan and my Fiance first name is Euston John and his last name is Llagas our wedding date is on April 6, 2019

    Thank you for helping.. May the Lord Bless you

  5. My name is Olivia Glowacki and marrying Kyle Arwood in Detroit, 2019. Any ideas for wedding hashtag? Some ideas #LivWoodSayYes, ArGlowWinterWedding2019, NeverHadItSoWood. Idk if I really like any of these.

  6. Hey guys,
    My SO and I are getting married on Star Wars Day in 2019 and we wanted to craft a perfectly themed hashtag for the wedding. Would love some recs from you awesome nerds. Our names are Alissa and Trea.

  7. Hi everyone!! Hoping you guys are more creative then I am and would have some good ideas.. last name is going to be Hanson. His first name is Chris and mine is Shannon!

  8. So my best friend is getting married and of course I'm wrecking my brains out trying to come up with a good hashtag for her and her fiance. Her last name is Yip and his is Oakes (pronounced like Oaks). Any ideas?! Thank you in advance!!

  9. Help!!!!!! My last name will be “Guest” I’ve been trying to find phrases that maybe have the word “Best” in them since I know it rhymes with “Guest”. I want someone clever, funny, punny, etc. 🙂

    My name: Tessa
    Groom: Riley

  10. Any help for a girl who is soon to be a Jenkins? Our first names are Jonathan and Lynley, and my last name is Turkelson.

  11. Please Help me on my wedding hashtag
    my name is Joana Marie Bernasol
    my fiancé is Jayson Fordan
    the wedding is on December 21 2018

    thanks for the help

  12. Hi! I am getting married on March 16th 2019 (the day before St. Patrick’s Day)
    My name is Caroline Logan and my fiancé’s name is Bryson Pope. My new last name will be Pope. We are struggling to find a hashtag! Any ideas?

  13. Hi!

    We're desperately trying to come up with something fun and unique for our wedding hash tag!! We embarrassingly met on Tinder 5 years ago! Nothing wrong with a swipe right haha!!! His name is David Spencer and mine is Becki Want! Yes, as if you Want something! Any help appreciated….

  14. Hi! Looking for one for my twin and her fiance for her hen do.
    her name – Jo Broomfield
    his name – Alastair Neill

    Any suggestions?

  15. Hello, I need help too, it’s too hard to think a punny hashtag for our wedding.
    My name is Helen and my soon to be hubby’s name is Kim. His last name and the last name that I’ll be having is Silveo. Please help me…

  16. Hi!! Hoping there are still people checking this thread who can help! I’m Devon (pronounced like Kevin) Green and he’s Craig McConochie (pronounced mc-kahn-a-key). He’s English, I’m Texan. I’m taking his last name.

  17. Last Name: Mayer …sounds like "may your." Rustic venue, but it's attached to a hotel which is across the street of where we met (a retail store that we worked at as our first jobs). simple & romantic vibe with jewel tones.

    Any hashtag ideas?

  18. Hi!! Maid of Honor here, trying to fulfill my duties of finding the perfect wedding hashtag for my sister and her fiancé (my soon-to-be brother in law!!)

    here’s all the info I can think that you will all need to generate some AWESOME hashtags!!:
    Her name is Amanda Buckley. His Name is Jay Mercado. They’ll be taking his last name. They’re a super cute couple that love to just relax and cuddle mostly. Very affectionate. He’s a gamer, (he works in IT) she’s a 2nd grade teacher. They met in Pathmark (a supermarket that basically no longer exists as far as I know haha) when they both worked there. In December, they will have been together for 6 years. They didn’t set a wedding date yet, but they want it in Fall 2020. Oh! and they’re from New Jersey!

    That’s about all I can think of as an explanation. If you guys need any more info, I’ll gladly provide!! Thank you guys!! Hopefully you come up with something super awesome, because I’m literally hitting a brick wall in my mind haha!!

  19. Halp! So both of our first names start with a T. My last name is Stuart, his last name is Millis. I'm taking his last name.

    We've had a few ideas related to TnT but I didn't think they would be obvious? like #TntSparksFly or #SparksFlyFromTNT but it all sounded so hokey, I think. Or maybe not, I don't know. I would almost rather use something related to Millis?

    Can anyone throw out a few ideas?

  20. Hello! Can you help me make a cool and not boring couple name hashtag for me and my man? My full name is Kezia Dith Improso and his is Dov Vallar. ?

  21. I am getting married June 30 2020 in Tuscany Italy. My last name is Espinal and his is Smith. We are from NY and live in Hong Kong, first name Alicia and Eric. It's so difficult with a such a common last name like Smith! Pleaseee help! 🙂

  22. Hi guys! My name is Nikki. I am getting married on Sept. 5th 2020. I need ideas for a hashtag. My fiance's last name is Orr, so I was thinking about incorporating that into it! Any ideas?

  23. Hi guys,
    My name is Holly Stafford, and my fiancé’s name is Michael Clark. I need ideas for a wedding hashtag please! Looking at getting married in 2020.

  24. Hi guys! My name is Jordyn. Fiances name is Jason Summerfield and I'll be taking his name. We are getting married Sept 7 in Santa Cruz. I feel like there's lots to play with, I just can't seem to nail it. We both like punny, but would love to hear what you guys think 🙂

    Thank you!

  25. Help please I am stuck and I am not very creative! My name is Darbi and my fiance's name is Tim Williams-Bonnett……any suggestions???

  26. I’ve been trying for 6 months almost to come up with a witty and creative wedding hashtag. With no luck, someone pleaseeee help me come up with one! Getting married in 2020. My name is kailey hornsby, nickname kk and my fiancé’s is Alexander Gonzales, Alex for short. I’m down for anything punny too!

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