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Updated Mar 17 2021
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Photo by: mikecogh – CC BY 2.0
Photo by: mikecoghCC BY 2.0

Wedding hashtags: they're not just for hipsters. Having your own hashtag is one of the easiest ways to not only collect extra photos from your guests, but also to share your event with people who have to be MIA on your wedding day.

There are some really great wedding hashtag services out there — we especially love THE WEDDING HASHERS, who've written thousands and thousands of wedding hashtags for folks. They make it super easy:

You take 2 minutes to give them some basic info about you and your fiancé, and then their network of creative minds will write you personalized hashtags. You get their best hashtag options in your inbox within ONE business day. I mean, that's pretty great. You can check out some of their super clever hashtags they've created over here.

Be warned: Choosing the right hashtag is mega important. I have friends who blended their initials to create a special hashtag… only to find out that the hashtag they'd chosen was actually already a very popular! All their wedding photos got lost in a sea of photos and videos of strangers. Oops.

Or maybe you wanted to use your last names, but people have a hard time remembering how to spell it? Now you have photos spread out over #SmithFindleywedding and #SmithFindlaywedding or that one guy who kept using #FindlaySmithwedding (what was his deal!?).

Photo by Brynne Owen

Yes, you can put reminders of the hashtag in strategic places to help with spelling errors. But you also need to first find that perfect, unused, easy-to-remember wedding hashtag.

Again, we're a big fan of THE WEDDING HASHERS, but for those of you who want to take your chances in the comments section, we can see what we can do!

Here are a few of our favorites that our readers have come up with:

  • My new last name is Handley, which sounds (a little bit) like Happily – so we went classic, romantic with our hashtag and chose #HandleyEverAfter
  • I'm going to be a Howe, so ours is #HoweSweetItIs
  • Last name Pham: #wearePhamily
  • For last name Gidrey: #GidreyUp
  • New last name Grey: #isupportgreymarriage
  • Last name Wiener: #WienerTakesAll
  • My name is Annelise and my last name is my fiance's name is Alex: #bringyourAgame
  • Last name Wilk: #WilkYouMarryMe
  • Last name Pitts: #newPittsontheblock
  • Last name Whiteley: #NiceDayForAWhiteleyWedding
  • Brittany & Aaron: #Brittron
  • I'm the Holsinger and he's the Webster: #theWebbingSinger
  • Last name Blake: #takestheblake

…but that's just the tip of the iceberg!

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember that hashtags don't HAVE to be about last names!

Try playing with the name of your venue, your wedding theme, your wedding date, your first names squished together, the time of year of your wedding, shared interests, or just good puns. One of our favorite wedding hashtags we saw recently was #weddingthebed. HA!

So, guys, what awesome wedding hashtags did you think up? Let's generate our own hashtags!

  1. Any ideas on the last name Spencer?

    I am a Wark, becoming a Spencer.

    The only one I have kind of liked is #warknomore


  2. So his last name is Bodenweiser, and our wedding theme is anchor/sailing based, and we're getting married on 5/15/15.

    Im Kat and he's Kris.

    So anyyyything including any of these aspects would be amazing, I'm stuck!


  3. My name is Jessica Householder. His name is Robert Siniscalchi. Any ideas for our names? We thought of #HouseofSin2015, but that won't go over too well with some family members. At a lose with our long last names!

    • I LOVE #HouseofSin2015 – that is sooo good. I can understand that some of the older generations might not find it wedding worthy though. I was trying to make a cute play with your names like, #RobbingJsHouse but that is definitely wince-worthy. So maybe just go with something conservative if you don't want your relatives to judge?

      • Thanks Sam! I like the RobbingJsHouse too! The HouseofSin is awesome but it also pulls up a lot of inappropriate stuff unfortunately. I'll have to suggest yours to my fiance. My other thought was something like JRsittinginatree. Our wedding is at a kids camp ground so the whole nature theme will be a huge part of the wedding.

  4. Hashtag help?! My name is Kristin (nickname KP). His is Clay (Clayton) and his last name is Alexander. I'd love some ideas! Thanks!!

  5. I'm loving all these great ideas!! I'm having a hard time coming up with a hashtag and/or a wedding website url. My last name is Hoeckley (pronounced heck-lee) and his is Pope and I can think of all these great ones for Pope, but the problem is, I won't be taking his last name. =/ It's The Shire/Hobbit-y/Lord of the Rings themed on Halloween and these are the only ones I can come up with:

    #alongexpectedparty (it's not an elopement and we've been engaged for a couple years so it's definitely been expected rather than unexpected, lol)
    #idrilandtuor (my name means "sparkling, white" just like Idril's does)

    Right now, I'm leaning most towards #puttheoneringonit, #lovegoeseveronandon, or #onelovetorulethemall. Anyone like any of these or have any other ideas?

  6. So my sister is getting married and her fiancé's last name is Roach. Anyone have cute suggestions for this??! Trying to find a decent hashtag!

  7. Hi! Getting married May 9th. I am Amanda Morris and he is Rocco (goes by Rocky also) Delconte. Looking for funny hastags!!

  8. Okay so his last name is Dykes and mine is Hindle. There is nothing haha. I know that a few jokes could be made, but I would rather stay respectful if possible. Help!

  9. My Fiance's (and my soon-to-be) last name is "BYE". I feel like this has SO much potential but I'm not loving any of the hashtags my sister and I have come up with so far…HELP!


    • What is your last name?? You could do #BYEyourlastname. Since u will be taking his last name and saying goodbye to your maiden name

      • Yeah, I thought that might be an option but mine's kind of long and doesn't really fit too well with his (Giordano)…?

    • I wish you could do a play on "bye bye mrs american pie" but I am not creative enough to actually come up with anything haha

        • I tried to do ByeHard, instead of Die Hard, but I don't really like that.
          Kesha – "WereGonnaByeYoung"
          …maybe the rhyming with "die" puts a damper on wedding things. I'll keep thinking about it haha.

  10. Hi Everyone!! I am having a hard time coming up with a Hashtag for my Best Friend's Wedding. Her new last name will be Roman. Any ideas?? Thank you!

    • #firstnameromanholiday
      Roman Holiday was a pretty popular movie I think – something like that would be cute!

    • I was thinking along the same lines… playing off Roman Holiday, you could do #romanweddingday

  11. hi! This is my first post ever, so I feel like I have to make a shoutout to the lovely gals that run this site – this is amazing! And this community of wonderful (and extraordinarily creative) are awesome! Which is why I'm hoping one of you can help…I'm Samantha, his first name is Jeff. My last name is Wagner (my name is pretty convenient for these types of things – anything 'swag'). His last name not so much – it's Geldmeier (literally the worst, I kind of blanch). So…all I could think of was Jeff and Sam = Jam? #welcometothejam #itstimetojam #getupandjam would people instantly pick up on that or is it not intuitive? Any other suggestions?

  12. Hey needing a good one! Last name will be Janovsky and we are getting married down the shore on LBI. It will be nautical with lots of anchors in the wedding. Any ideas?

  13. My fiance's last name is Sexton. I can't for the life of me think of anything clever with his last name. Any help?

  14. I'm a little late to the party – but I'm definitely trying to figure one out for us. My last name is Nadeau (nay-dough) and his is Stewart… first names are Kate and Josh. I can't seem to find anything clever.

    Meanwhile, my friend is marrying into a family with the last name Evers. #forEvers!

  15. My fiance's name is Braden Henderson. Mine is Christyn Simmons. Getting married in June. 6/5 and want something clever. Our names are unique, so shouldn't be hard to find one, but I'm stuck! #happytobeahenderson #happilyHenderson ?? I'd rather not use "hitched." 🙂

  16. Any ideas for mine? I used the generator already but it's a bit boring.

    Me: Sarah Leslie
    Him: Robert Matulewicz (pronounced Ma-tool-le-vich)
    July 11 2015.

  17. Tapping into your collective genius, are there any ideas out there for a Lindsay (Anderson) and Bruno (Soares) hashtag? We're getting married June 2015 in Atlanta and I will be taking his last name. Annnnd go!

  18. All you ladies on here are lovely! I need some help… his last name is Cardenas and our initials are J and A (I am taking his last name). We are having a backyard wedding on June 13, 2015. I was thinking of a few but I am not sure if they are confusing/dorky or if they are actually great. I would love other suggestions as well!

    What I've come up with:
    #JandAWildCardenas or #JandAWildCards

    Help please!!!<3

  19. Any ideas for a Anna Hathaway marrying a Cody Browning?? I like BrowningHathawayMerger because we're both in professional school but I feel like there's a more clever one floating out there…thanks!

  20. What about Molly & Stephen Mahannah (muh-Hannah) and Mattison (His last name). I'm taking his last name but his brother got married this year and used #MeetTheMattisons so that's out. I'm a HUGE Friends fan and they label all their episodes "TOW or The One With/Where" so I was thinking like #TOWtheMattisons but IDK if everyone will get it?

    • So I'm probably super late and I haven't checked to see how popular it already is but…

      #LoneWolves (a play on the Hangover movies)

  21. Ladies! I need help brainstorming one for my wedding. My last name is McKeon, his is Sheckart (first names Meaghan and Colin). I'm having such a tough time thinking of something cute!

    • I don't know how his name's pronounced, but what about #volzwithme (or #volzvithme, haha) (rhyming w/waltz)? Or #couplesvolz, or #weddingvolz. Or going off of Shay's comment, #Volzmates? #unitedVolz?

  22. Looks like the comments here have slowed considerably, but maybe someone wants to take a stab at the names Holsinger and Webster?

    • oh btw, I'm the Holsinger and he's the Webster. Not really planning to take his name, but I don't mind the implication in this case. I'm seriously lacking ANY ideas.

        • Ooof, that hurts in that place that awful puns get you! I sort of don't want to like it but can't help myself 🙂 It probably is too much of a stretch, but your punning ability deserves some recognition for that one.
          I thought about #TheWebslingers… not particularly pun-y, but I don't hate it. If we get any Spiderman fans in the house they will probably love it, lol!

          • I'm a spiderman fan myself and want the fiance and I to marry into your families so we can steal that hashtag, haha!

  23. So I'm still looking for any creative ideas that people have! My Fiance's (and my soon-to-be) last name is "BYE". I feel like this has SO much potential but I'm not LOVING any of the hashtags my sister and I have come up with so far… The top for contenders are below, but ANY new suggestions are definitely welcome :o)

    #BowtiesAndByes (since we're having a formal wedding)

    • It's not a new idea for you, but I really like #SideByeSide. Though potentially you're going to be getting misspellings.

  24. I know coming up with a hashtag should be simple, his last name is Gianno and we're Nick and Nicole. Was thinking #NickGiannoPartyof2, but I feel like there's something shorter and catchier, I just don't know what.

  25. i had tons of fun playing on the weddingwire generator but nothing really stands out much haha. my last name is carter, his is ward. it is a halloween themed wedding, the day before halloween. lots of gore, dead people, and bugs . haha. help?

    • If you're taking his last name…#CarterPsychWard? Haha, I don't know how far/what direction you're taking the Halloween theme, but you've got "psych ward" plus "Hey, I'm Jane Carter…PSYCH!…It's Jane Ward now."

  26. Loving that you guys gave a shout-out to WEDDING HASHERS. That's who we used!! Loved our hashtags, the most difficult part of the whole process was choosing one because they were all so great! Here's to #ADamonGoodWedding

  27. Hey everyone! I love all these ideas y'all have come up with! Everyone is so much more creative than I am. Haha I'm getting married July 3, 2015! My name is Ingrid Gamboa and his is Daniel Carr! Any ideas for hashtags? (He's in the Navy!)

  28. I need a little help as both me and my dude have sort of odd last names… Anyone have any ideas for Eaton and Gamache

    • Are you going to be Eaton or is that your current last name?

      Because you could do #DrinkEatonBeMarried

      Like drink, eat and be married

  29. Does anyone have any ideas for the last name "Warren"?

    So many people have hashtagged #WarrenWedding, I want something witty!

    Our names are also Chandler and Kaitlin or Chan & Kate for short

  30. Somebody HELP! Cannot for the life of us come up with a clever hashtag. We've been together for 7 years already so we're all about making our wedding fun. My last name is Pierce, his last is Burkinshaw– nickname Bizz or Bizzle.

    Would appreciate any help at this point!

  31. Hi! Trying to come up with a creative hashtag for our wedding. My last name is Keane, becoming a Lucia. Any ideas?

  32. Future last name is Lyons! Seems like I could come up with something good, so far I have come up with #finallyLyons and i'm not sold on it, help!

  33. So his last name is Seidman (pronounced like sideman) and mine is Louison (like lewison)…firsts are simple, Angela and Josh. I totally struck out with the generators (JandASayIDo doesn't exactly have the 'pizazz' we hoped for). Any suggestions? I am loving all the creative ideas and puns people are coming up with!

  34. Due to an ever evolving family joke, we call ourselves Team Hot Dog.

    #teamhotdog has about 700 tags on insta, mostly of weiner dogs. We'll be going with either #teamhotdog or #teamhotdog2016.

  35. We are trying to make a decision on our hashtag. His last name is "Sit" so we came up with #amosandsuneerasittinginatree, but that's really long and I didn't like shortening our names. We also thought about #loveatfirstsit, but I looked that up and it's a chair company. His name is Amos so I thought about something to do with famous, but I couldn't come up with anything. Any suggestions?

  36. My new last name will be Henrichs and I can't decide on a hashtag. #HenrichsEverAfter has popped up but I'm not sold on it. Any ideas?

  37. My new last name will be Henrichs and I can't decide on a hashtag. #HenrichsEverAfter has popped up but I'm not sold on it. Any ideas? Our names are aryn anderson and Jared Henrichs

  38. Struggling to come up with a hashtag. Getting married Oct 3rd. My name is Leah Buhler; his is Shelby Cole.

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