Offbeat wedding hair styles and ideas

Brightly colored wedding hair

Oh man, we have featured brides and grooms with hair almost every color of the rainbow, and in some cases, ALL colors of the rainbow!

Hair length

Of course we love all our long-haired femmes and short-haired men-types, but we also love celebrate the offbeat hair lengths you don't see as frequently in wedding media.

  • Brides with short hair
  • Grooms with long hair
  • Mohawks (both men AND women!)
  • Bald and beautiful brides
  • Groom hair styles

    Masculine hair for grooms, transfolk, and non-binary people of all identities!

  • Bearded grooms
  • Grooms with long hair
  • Mohawks
  • Epic hairstyles for the discriminating offbeat groom
  • How to rock a stylin' pompadour