Offbeat wedding hair styles and ideas

At Offbeat Bride we believe wedding hair isn't just about updos and tiaras (although we love those too!). We believe it can be about bold colors, short styles, and even no hair at all!

Brightly colored wedding hair

Oh man, we have featured brides and grooms with hair almost every color of the rainbow, and in some cases, ALL colors of the rainbow!

Hair length

Of course we love all our long-haired femmes and short-haired men-types, but we also love celebrate the offbeat hair lengths you don't see as frequently in wedding media.

  • Brides with short hair
  • Grooms with long hair
  • Mohawks (both men AND women!)
  • Bald and beautiful brides
  • Natural hair wedding styles

    Our readers love to rock their kinky, natural-textured locs! We've got an entire archive of natural wedding hair, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Natural Black hairstyles to inspire you to put down the creamy crack
  • 12 natural black wedding hairstyles for the offbeat and on-point
  • Wedding styles for Natural Hair and locs
  • Foraging your floral afro, and more flowery hairstyles for natural-textured hair
  • Natural Black hairstyles: the bigger the better!
  • Our dreadlocks archive
  • Groom hair styles

    Masculine hair for grooms, transfolk, and non-binary people of all identities!

  • Bearded grooms
  • Grooms with long hair
  • Mohawks
  • Epic hairstyles for the discriminating offbeat groom
  • How to rock a stylin' pompadour
  • Unique wedding hair styles

    Ok, so sometimes you just need ideas for wedding updos and hairstyles. We've got a ton!

  • Flowers in your hair
  • Hair inspiration for brides with mohawks
  • Glam wedding-friendly styles for undercut hair
  • A beautifully unique and retro wedding up-do for shorter hair
  • Pincurl your own hair for major no-heat waves and retro style
  • Create some retro fingerwaves with barrel pin curls
  • Wedding hairstyles for girls with wavy curls
  • Flawless vintage-style wedding hair
  • Rockabilly brides get all the best updos

    You'll find SO many more creative wedding hair styles right here.

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