Ring in the new year with hair rings

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Photo from RegalRose

New Year's Eve is a great time to bring out the bling, especially in your hair. So if you're planning a New Year's wedding (or, let's face it, anytime), these metal hair rings totally fit the bill for bad-ass hair jewelry. They come in either goldtone or silver, so they can fit quite a few themes.

Blogger SarahtheMoose showcased the gold version and it looked a little bit ethereal on her:

Photo from SarahtheMoose

They're just small hoops with an opening, so they look like a cinch to put in, and probably a cinch to lose as well, if you're anything like me. You can buy these from RegalRose.

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Comments on Ring in the new year with hair rings

  1. Those are basically jump rings. Which can be found way cheaper than that with a quick search and in a whole lot more colors. Just sayin’.

  2. I used to have a set of amber glass hair rings. They didn’t open, of course, and braid strands had to be threaded through them, but they were very pretty.

  3. This is.so.cool for those of us with many piercings !! Match all the tons of earrings and facial piercings to the same color as the hair rings… If only I had known about these !!

        • The ring opens so you can thread it onto any chunk of hair. It doesn’t have to be braided, just long enough for it to hold the ring.

  4. What a fun and pretty look. I suspect I would be all kinds of motor skills fail, though.

  5. When I read the title of the post, in my head I heard: “Ring in the new year with herrings.”

  6. I love this! We’re having a LOTR/Hobbit inspired (not theme) wedding and this just looks kind of elegant elvish to me!

  7. Maybe it’s just me but I foresee my head getting caught on, well, pretty much everything. The man’s piercings, my piercings, bike helmet, clothing, cat claws, curtains and just wait till my boss has to try and untangle me at my when my hair ends up attached to the kitchen utensils hanging above the fryers… totally going to give them a go anyway.

  8. such a fun idea!
    I’m going to try making my own so I can get the color and size I want

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