Get your wedding gown adorned with custom artwork from Tara Lynn Bridal

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6 Love, Inc.We've gushed about Tara Lynn's bridal gown designs before, but now it's time to focus in on the details. To refresh your memories, our sponsor Tara Lynn makes eco-friendly wedding gowns and suits that can express your personalities — her works are adorned with custom artwork.

For example, Caitlin and Rowan's awesome wedding duds pictured above. Caitlin requested orange poppies and pearl-centered purple roses dotting the hem of her organic fiber wedding dress. And Rowan ordered a custom hemp and organic cotton suit with Celtic eternity knots embroidered on the cuffs, the back belt, and front pockets.

Here are a few more examples of the gorgeous custom adornments you could get with your own Tara Lynn Bridal design:

1  butterfly detailFire's custom-made gown included peacock butterflies, printed ferns, poppies and yellow violets.

2 bodiceThe bodice of Gabby's gown was inspired by her love of the bright colors of Mexico, Latin America folk art and design, and was applied to a hemp silk Mariana gown.

Tara Lynn BridalThe Chiara gown has a princess bodice with sparkly glass beads amongst the vintage lace appliqué on a silk linen gown.

Tara Lynn Bridal The Farfalla wedding dress is decorated with hand embroidered butterflies, flowers and vintage lace collage on hemp and silk fabric.

Tara Lynn BridalThe Persephone gown is adorned with hand cut silk flowers fastened with glass beading on an organic silk and hemp gown.

5% of all profits from Tara Lynn Bridal are donated to Umbrella and the Vermont Network for servicing victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Tara Lynn will be launching her expanded bridal collection this Fall that will include groom's suits, flower girl dresses, veils, mother of the bride/groom attire, and other custom accessories. Soon you can outfit your entire bridal party in her eco-friendly wedding designs!

But for now, let's see what kind of amazing custom artwork Tara Lynn can whip up for your wedding gown!

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  1. wow this took my breath away! The vivid colours and high level of detail is really stunning. Thank you for showcasing this

  2. Traditional wedding dresses used be very colourful with lots of beautiful ornaments. I like the idea to go away from boring white and give the dress its own character.

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