Wedding glove love: arm coverage for all scenes and styles

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We recently held our first Pin Drive on Pinterest, where we collected as many awesome pins from readers and Tribe members as we could. These drives are a way for readers to easily submit and share ideas by @replying Offbeat Bride on Pinterest. We picked the first theme: GLOVES! Demure, lacy gloves, long leather gloves, rainbow fingerless gloves, and sexy leather gauntlets rolled in. We've compiled our faves for your glove-loving pleasure.

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Bride and Groom

Who's planning to rock the gloves? What pin drive should we do next?

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Comments on Wedding glove love: arm coverage for all scenes and styles

  1. None of the pintrest images ever show up for me due to work’s content blocker. 🙁 Sad.

    • Time to come up with an legitimate reason why you need Pinterest for work and talk to your employer’s IT folks. 😉

      Alternately: browse Offbeat Bride when you’re not on the clock. (But yeah, I know no-one likes that option!)

      • Pshhhh, why would I wait until I was OFF the clock? WHEN I NEED OFFBEAT CRACK I NEED OFFBEAT CRACK

  2. If your get away car is something very nice or very vintage, it almost seems like gloves should be required to complete the look. A nice pair of kid-leather driving gloves, maybe even a chauffeur’s cap too, lol. But then, I’m also a fan of driving gloves in general. I have a lovely soft cashmere lined black leather pair with rabbit fur cuffs. Best. Gloves. Ever.

    • I’m a fan too. I had a bronze leather pair back in the day that were left on a bus. SAD.

  3. The third pic isn’t leather, they’re a satiny elastic with elastic “laces” and plastic buttons. $5 at Hot Topic, or my mom got them at the dollar store. They are TEH AWESOME. Almost wore them for my one year anniversary with my partner, but ended up finding some lacy ones at Icing on clearance.

  4. My mom just gave me my beloved grandmothers (rip) fingerless lace gloves that she wore when she married my grandpa 65 years ago. They are the most amazing and special thing I will wear on my wedding day.

  5. I can’t let my hands get cold for medical reasons, so I have to wear gloves for at least part of my wedding. Unfortunate, the beautiful fingerless gloves in the post will not fit my situation. I’m tentatively planning to use the green leather gloves I have (that almost match the green detail on my dress), but I’m keeping my eyes open for other options.

  6. I am considering wearing wrist length lace gloves for my wedding this summer, I think they will go lovely with my tea length dress. However, I’m not sure how to deal with the gloves when it comes time for the rings. Does anyone know what is usually done? Take off the glove or put the ring on over top? Thanks!

  7. I wore short red lace fingerless gloves with a military style jacket for the photos we took before the ceremony and then removed the jacket and changed to long white lace gloves and veil for the ceremony. Once the reception started the gloves came off. I was supposed to remove my Topsy Turvy Design hattie before the ceremony too but I just couldn’t bring myself to take her off.

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