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Tribesmaid Staciafuchsia rocks her purple-over-white gown and giant bouquet, but my favorite part is her matchy-matchy glasses! If you'll be wearing your specs to the wedding, consider grabbing a special pair to really pull your outfit together.

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Comments on Match your glasses to your gown

  1. I’m not really going to ‘match’ my glasses to my dress but I’m going to get some new glasses specifically for my wedding. Sure, I mean, everyone will be expecting me to walk down the aisle in a white dress. And they know I’m going to wear glasses… but purple cat-eye frames? WHAT?! That’s crazy style right there.

  2. i love clearly contacts got my every day pair for $27. im not sure if i am going to wear my glasses or not, i have a weak prescription but if i do wear them ill get new ones as my every day are very thick black exaggerated cats eye dont quit go with my 1940s look

  3. I will be getting new glasses, I will be wearing a new dress and shoes so seems silly to me not to get knew glasses to. Plus my current glasses are thick rimmed geekery so it would be nice to have something that shows off my eyes a bit better. Hopefully its the one thing I can keep from my FH as I keep talking about the dress in front of him. 🙂
    I will probably go to Dead Mens Spex for them. Can beat a bit of original 50’s stylin’.
    Now just to decide which ones. Funny I have no problems looking at white glasses but looking at white wedding dresses makes me feel slightly ill. lol

    • Having been an optician it seemed white frames didn’t work so well unless the young lady had light blonde hair. The darker the hair color the more the white frames clashed. So if happen to be a light blonde white glasses should work very well for you.

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