Wedding flats that kick ass [UPDATED for 2022!]

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Every few months I take a break from the pumps that I love to look at and instead feature the flats that we all love to walk in. Brides have all sorts of reasons for wearing flats, from comfort-hounds who don't want to end their wedding day with blisters, to taller brides who don't want to tower over their partners.

Whatever your reasons for eschewing high heeled shoes on your wedding day, I've got options for you that are just as loud and funky and “Wait, did she really think someone would wear that to their wedding!?” as my shoe posts always are. Let's get freaky flat, shall we?


Random bonus shoe

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Comments on Wedding flats that kick ass [UPDATED for 2022!]

  1. Yay flats! I want the teal ones with the bow. I’m slightly taller than my partner and I want to spend my wedding day looking into his eyes, not examining the top of his head.

  2. Yay! As a bride who falls into the “not towering over partner” category I really appreciate this post! Thanks!

  3. I’m loving that Betsey Johnson Smooch Ballet flat! I got married last year but those would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for myself!

  4. I wore flats because my husband is about a foot taller than me and there was no amount of platform/pump goodness that was going to close that gap, so I might as well be comfortable (my dress was long, so the shoes weren’t really part of the outfit). I chose TOMS so I could wear them again and so I would be benefiting charity at the same time. I actually got a lot of compliments on them!

  5. Is it sad that I WANT these shoes for everday wear??? If I got them now, theyd be nice and worn by the wedding! 😉

    • Nothing sad about that — ain’t nothing about ANY of these shoes that makes them exclusively bridal wear. 🙂

  6. Whoa. Those little black numbers with the purple flower need to be in my closet now. I love flats so much. They’re comfortable and cute and versatile and OMG I NEED TO OWN MORE!

  7. God. Damn. It. Great post. I am a flat-wearing-wannabe-high heel-wearing gal. No need for me to make the transition now that I have all of this very good shoe info.

  8. I would also like to point out that I am very happy that you have synthetic ANIMAL FRIENDLY materials represented. And cost effective to boot (der, punny!).

  9. Aw shucks, are cute as these are I can’t keep flats on my feet for some reason. They hurt me, maybe it’s my high arch?
    Anyways I’m going for some good ol’ worn in cowboy boots .. and I’m over a foot shorter than my groom, but he loves that and I’m cool being little :).

  10. Oh, I am the same hight as my fiance, wearing heals makes him look like a hobbit next to me! I REALLY appreciate a flat post! I want a pair of flats that when i pull up my dress people’s jaws drop cuz my shoes are both awesome & adorably surprising on a wedding day 😀 (still looking though :P)

  11. OMG i’ve been looking for something like those Betsy Johnson flats! I just found my reception shoes, cheer OBB!,

  12. Yeeee! I had the third pair down (Chinese laundry tan with ribbon flowers) in black with sequins for my reception/first dance shoes. We’re about the same height, so our swing/lindy routine was not going to work with me in heels.

  13. I’m a taller bride. I’m 5’8, my guy is 5’3. No matter what I am always going to be taller, and I live in two inch heels anyway, so I’ll be wearing heels at the wedding.
    However…I love those heart flats enough buy them just-because! Love-love-love.

  14. I’m shorter by more than a foot than my fiance, but. I like it haha. 🙂 I’ll be barefoot for the ceremony however I might want to throw on some shoes to get down and boogie. I’ve been thinking super rainbow sparkly flats!

  15. Absolutely love this. Not that I’m extremely tall (5’8″) but my boyfriend is only 5’6″, so I’m always looking for cute flats.

  16. Tom’s actually has a whole line of weddings shoes now, for men and women, so you can shoe-up your whole wedding party! 🙂

    Best of all about Tom’s, they donate shoes 1-to-1 to kids who need shoes, so you’re doing something really wonderful just by buying comfy shoes!

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