Offbeat Bride's ode to wedding fireworks

Updated Jun 29 2017
Offbeat Bride "Rockaroni" explains: "The fireworks were a really special moment for me. I'd turned around and seen over a hundred smiling faces behind me, and it was then that I realised we'd pulled off one hell of a party!" (Photo by Ace Bieler)

It's the Fourth of July in the States, and that means BBQ, outdoor parties… and fucking fireworks! You know what event is also a great excuse to have fireworks? A wedding. Maybe even your wedding after you check out these photos…

Emery & Trey wedding-317
Tribesmaid Emzy had sparklers at her wedding "We had 36" sparklers for the kids. They had a blast. Nothing like playing with fire to get a party started."
Here's another reason to have sparklers at your wedding. ADORABLE PHOTO OPP!
fireworks at the end of the night
Ginny and Adam had fireworks at their New Year's Eve wedding. (Photo by Kim French, One Fine Day photography)
WC (394 of 402)
Tribesmaid Cass timed her wedding around fireworks: "Our wedding was the same night as an annual event in Brisbane called Riverfire where there is 20 minutes of fireworks all the way along the river. We scheduled it into our time line so we could all stop and watch. We even managed to convince some out of town guests that we had organised it as part of the wedding! (Photo by D.A. Yates Photography & Design)
Offbeat Bride reader Christine explains this awesome wedding feature: "Our neighbor is a self-proclaimed pyro and does his own fireworks. We hired him to put on a firework show and David did this one as a surprise for me." (Photo by Sarah Tew)

So who's totally adding a fireworks show to their wedding now?

  1. No fireworks at my mom's fourth of July wedding, but Oregon fireworks are really lame anyway. The only way to see decent ones are to go to where they're putting on a display, and we weren't near one! But that doesn't change the fact that these pictures are AWESOME

  2. We can't have fireworks at our venue because it's a listed building. We can't even have tea lights because of the fire risk. But we are getting married on the Saturday before Bonfire Night in the UK so we're hoping to piggy back a few pretty explosions.

  3. I told my boyfriend last night that we're getting married on July 4th so we can be surrounded by fireworks all night. I'm Canadian and this was my first 4th in the States and I Was just amazed by the amount of fireworks! We bought some and set them off, and now that's all I want is fireworks all the time.

  4. Actually, yep – I had decided to have fireworks right before this post came out. The wedding is at my house on 9/7 – so I have a whole backyard. They're legal in PA & I have a neighbor that is a pyro who I asked to be my "fireworks master". Then not only did he accept, but he & his wife said they would buy some cool fireworks as my wedding present. I love my neighborhood – I'm never moving.

  5. My father is in the process of becoming a certified pyrotechnician! My fiancé and I REALLY want to have him do a fireworks show for us, but we're having a hell of a time trying to find venues that will allow fireworks. The only three I've found so far are either super expensive or not to our tastes (we're trying to avoid the rural/ranch aesthetic). Anyone know of any firework-friendly venues in Ontario?

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