Bridal fire spinning

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo courtesy of Closed Circle Photography
I've heard of couples hiring fire performers at their weddings, but never seen photos of a bride actually BEING the fire performer! Thanks to Kelly G from Closed Circle Photography (aka @circlephoto) for submitting these photos of a bride named Amanda spinning fire at her recent wedding. To see the full series, keep reading…

  1. She came down the aisle to Lamb's song Gorecki while spinning fire. There was a fire safety with a blanket on the end of every row of guests and her sister (fire safety of honor) followed at a crop-out-able distance and then assisted in extinguishing her at the end of the processional. Then her dad hopped out of his seat and walked her the last four steps up to the altar. It was beautiful and intense!

  2. WOW now that is a different way of walking down the aisle and have meaning at the same time. But no pictures of the rest of the wedding ?? Congrats to the couple!!

  3. That's my girl, stepping out of the box and dancing down the aisle while doing something she loves. So cool!

  4. Haha this is awesome. My fiance was debating how we could spin fire at our wedding (we both do it, he does devilsticks I do poi and a little hoop) but there's no way I'll be doing that. Too nervous, and later too much partying ๐Ÿ˜›

    love the photos!

  5. This is so cool! I've never done anything like it, but it looks fun! With my mind, though, I'd get so into the dance part I'd forget about the fire!

  6. I'd be scared of burning my pretty WHITE dress. Then again, I am still learning poi. Great job, Amanda! Waiting to see more pictures.

  7. I love fire spinning. I gave up on it after burning myself way too many times, but I love it so much I wanted to have it at my wedding. Unfortunately I didn't have a way to pull it off, but having the bride do it…!! That's AWESOME!

  8. Amanda, that is so amazing! I was so nervous to walk down the aisle, I don't know how you did it? You looked so pretty. I'll see you next week in Cambridge. ๐Ÿ™‚ Taryn

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