What should I put on my wedding website FAQ? 28 Q&As to for less wedding guest confusion

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Example FAQ page from our pals at WEDSITES

Wedding websites are awesome, aren't they? I think they're pretty much the best thing to happen to weddings since Offbeat Bride. How else can you stop the constant barrage of wedding questions from wonderfully well-meaning guests?

With an all-encompassing FAQ page of course!

But if you're asking yourself, “What should I including on my wedding website FAQ?!” we've got 28 answers for you…

If you're sitting at your computer, wondering what exactly you should include on your FAQ, here is a huge master list of the things your guests are dying to know.

  1. How do I get to the venue(s)?
  2. What time should I arrive?
  3. Where should I park?
  4. Will I have to pay for parking?
  5. What should I wear?
  6. Is there a dress code?
  7. What kind of shoes should/shouldn't I wear?
  8. Are there any colors that guests should avoid wearing?
  9. Are kids welcome?
  10. Can I bring a date?
  11. Does your wedding have a theme?
  12. I am coming from out of town. Where should I stay?
  13. When is the RSVP deadline?
  14. Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?
  15. What is a handfasting/commitment ceremony/collaring ceremony/etc?
  16. What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?
  17. Will food be served?
  18. What kind of food will be served?
  19. What if I have a dietary restriction?
  20. Will there be dancing?
  21. Will there be any activities happening that I need to know about?
  22. What time will the reception end?
  23. Can I take pictures? (Perfect if you're planning an unplugged wedding)
  24. Is there a gifts registry?
  25. What if I want to donate my services to the cause instead of give a gift?
  26. Is there transportation being provided between reception and hotels?
  27. Will last names be changing after the wedding?
  28. I have a question not answered here; how do I contact you?

Say hello to everything you need to plan a stress-free wedding—in one beautiful place.

What did you put on YOUR wedding website?

Comments on What should I put on my wedding website FAQ? 28 Q&As to for less wedding guest confusion

  1. Will I get to witness the Face-Cake Smash?!
    Is on my list.
    I’m adding some from your list, even though I have the menu posted on another part of the site.

    • CakeSmash is a perfect topic.
      Or if there’s ANYTHING “traditional” that you don’t plan on doing that people will expect, I might toss it in.

  2. I dont have a FAQ to add however I must say Im liking the idea of a wedding website more and more! In fact were about 95% sure were just sending out a postcard (a nice one) directing people to a website, as our actual invitation and response card. If you think about it there are so many places to get free websites that you can 100% customize to your needs AND you save some trees, whats not to love?

    • That’s exactly what we’ve done and it’s working brilliantly so far. The few non online types can text their RSVPs and view the site on our mobiles for “ooh these modern things, you’re so clever!” purposes 🙂

      • I added a QR code to the back of our invites…turned out to be genius, we got many faster responses than I ever could have imagined. We wanted to save the money on RSVP postage and have everyone RSVP on the website which digitizes everything so I can easily make a seating chart, etc. The QR code and the website spelled out seemed enough for all of our guests to get it. 🙂

  3. I don’t have any of the good informative ones, but I do have:
    -“Why does [the invitation] say to bring my bathing suit?”
    -“I don’t want to swim. Can I still come?”
    -“[Can I] throw my friend/mom/kid brother/grandma in the pool?”

    • If the answer to the last one is “yes,” I hope you’ve lined up a videographer, pro or not…my family has some pretty epic video of a female cousin throwing an elderly uncle in a pool, then the two of them teaming up to throw another cousin in. An above ground pool collapsed and flooded the yard. And, even though this happened in 1987, it still leaps to mind and is a frequent topic at family events. Your wedding sounds super fun!!! =)

    • Um, OMG, where is your wedding and can I please come!?! I was MOH for my best friend’s wedding — which included a midnight hotel pool party — and it was pretty much the best thing ever. You are clearly awesome and wonderful and deserve every happiness in the future!

  4. Since we’re Germanic pagans, we’ve included a page on ‘What is Heathenry?’ which covers the basics of what it needs, the gods which will figure a prominent part in our ceremony and terms/objects which some of our attendees will not know what they stand for. It will be put in our program as well.

    • I’m planning to do something similar. We haven’t set ours up yet but we’re atheist-leaning agnostics who are not very comfortable with a lot of religion. I want to use the FAQs to explain that I would rather no-one prayed at me but that there will be a moment for quiet prayer and reflection.

  5. Under the “parking” question, I would also let people know whether or not parking is free or how much your venue’s garage/lot costs. No one wants to be slapped with a $14 fee or have to park in a metered space when they don’t have quarters unexpectedly.

    And if parking is validated by the venue, tell the folks how.

  6. We covered a lot of these on our FAQ. I also included “Can I bring my dog?” (the venue is technically a garden – but a botanical garden, so the answer’s no, leave the furry kids at home) which was followed by the kids question, which I phrased as “What if my kids are, well, human?” I also included “What if I have food allergies?,” which was a nice way to way to move into the announcement it’s a vegan wedding which luckily, our guests are very excited about (soy-free gluten-free options on request. This also gives anyone who is wary an out to quietly eat their burger ahead of time.) As I’d added the human-kids question after a few hit my inbox, I was thinking I might continue adding as more as questions came in.

    After seeing the great guides folks made here, we decided to use Pinterest to create visual cues on what to wear and what not to wear, since it’s a dressy-casual affair that involves walking on unpaved paths. I wish someone had done that for me before I arrived UNDER dressed at my friend’s wedding!

    One thing that I’ve gotten positive feedback on was that the FAQ we did have a good sense of humor and that, like STD postcards (teehee,) helps set the feel of the whole thing!

    • “we decided to use Pinterest to create visual cues on what to wear and what not to wear”
      What an interesting idea!!!

      • I just googled for images I like and also found a few humorous ‘what not to wear’photos. Pinterest is a great idea too.

    • We are having a fantasy themed wedding and are also using Pinterest in our FAQ for visual cues.

  7. We included a “Handfasting FAQ” which was the following four questions:

    What is a handfasting?
    Why are you doing one?
    Do I need to know/wear/do anything special?
    What if I cannot attend, or am unsure about participating in the ceremony?

    The answers were pretty comprehensive, but also written to be as concise as possible . For example, we didn’t talk extensively about Wicca or Paganism, but instead provided a link to a very comprehensive article for anyone who was interested. This let us tell people what they needed to know to be comfortable and evaluate whether or not the ceremony was for them – and direct them to information we feel is accurate if they were interested in more – without putting anyone on the defensive (as is possible to do whenever talking a lot about religion, we’re just trying to be super sensitive).

    We also wanted to convey that if you come to the ceremony, you will be in circle with us, which we did with our last question and answer.

    • What site did you use? I would love to put something like that on mine. We are doing a handfasting. I’m pagan and the Mr. is agnostic, and we both have Irish background, but I’m still not sure our families will understand! Thanks!!

  8. This is nice, but my guests all prefer to email/text me individually to ask me the things that have been helpfully posted on our website since January. Um, I mean, I love how interested and involved everybody is! No, seriously, I do . . .

    • Word.

      We even went so far as to list almost nothing on the invite except see the website where all your questions will be answered. Literally. We sent a card along with the invite that said “see our website for all wedding related inquires including a FAQ”. And yet every few days I get an email or a phone call about something that is spelled out on the website. I love our families but oy vey!

  9. I put the q and a “What about gifts not on the registry?” and explained we loved getting homemade/thrifted/secondhand stuff! We actually got some really cool “extra” gifts because of that, and some people commented they felt more freedom to get us something “not just on our list” (like an experience, etc.)
    Also “How can I help?” with specific tasks and contact info listed in the answer.

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