20+ pairs of wedding day flats

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These are Melissa flats

I steadfastly believe that the higher-heeled types shouldn't get all the fun, so today I'm going to round up a MASSIVE collection of flats that are loud and daring — just like I like 'em. Ready for some shoes that won't make you tower over your partner or hobble through your reception? I've got everything from pointy-toed frilly stuff for the femmey-footed, to adorable star wars themed flats, to shoes with hearts on them… all with almost no heel height, for your wedding day comfort.

Imagine these oxfords laced with a ribbon that matches your wedding outfit!
Irregular Choice always has the cutest flats!
Mint flats from Modcloth
How cute would these heart flats be for your beach wedding?
There is nothing like a dazzle of sparkly rainbow sequins sticking out from under your wedding dress! Get these shoes from Modcloth

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Comments on 20+ pairs of wedding day flats

  1. I completely recommend the Glitter Miss Flat by ModCloth (Left hand side, 10 down) – it’s going to by my wedding shoe and they are the most comfortable things ever! Order a half size larger than your normal though (that’s in several reviews on ModCloth).

  2. This IS the shoe post I was looking for!

    Those floral ones are TO DIE FOR. I have never before considered spending $150 on shoes (I’m typically a Target gal in that arena), but they may have convinced me. (It helps that I’ve been looking at similar prints for my bridesmaids).

  3. I just saw the flamingos! Haven’t decided if this makes them more or less perfect.

  4. I have owned both madame flamingo pairs (the pair with scallops, and the yellow and blue with bow) I ordered the scalloped ones for my wedding and absolutely adore them. I have big feet im a us size 9-10 and i have wide feet and they fit wonderfully, the leather is very nice, and they are over all very good quality and worth the money. because i loved the first pair so much i ordered the yellow and blue with the bow, and sadly had to return them. they are more narrow, and my toes were uncomfortably squished (I ordered the same size as i did in the blue scalloped ones) also the leather was softer, and when i removed them from the box there were noticeable black marks on them, which i think came from the box itself given that its black. I’m by no means saying not to buy them, as i said I adore the scalloped pair, just something to keep in mind if you have larger/wider feet and are interested in the yellow and blue pair.

  5. I totally used the proudly posh flat (and heel!) for my maids! I had one individual who is… mmm… rather accident prone, and could probably break her neck in a heel, but my other ladies were hoping to wear a heel. Enter ModCloth! Ordered them each their size in the style of their choosing! My only irritation was the sizing was a bit wonky – and being up here in Canada, it’s a bit of a pain to do exchanges!

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