Should I schedule my wedding for the same day as a family member’s wedding?

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Wedding date overlap: Should I schedule my wedding for the same day as a family member's wedding?
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My fiancé and I have been together for over nine years. Each year we celebrate our anniversary on the day we made our relationship official, and on our 2016 anniversary — he proposed to me. After all the emotional dust settled from this, my first thought was: we'll get married on our anniversary in 2017!

Then I remembered, my half-brother's cousin already announced that they would do their wedding on that very date.

To me and my fiancé it seems only right to celebrate our marriage on the day that we will have spent a decade together. However, I would really like my half-brother to be there. Can I ask him to split his day between the weddings?

Heya, M! Let's start with your last question first: nope, you definitely can't ask your half-brother to attend two weddings in a day. Or rather, you can — but it puts him in an incredibly difficult position. Weddings are pretty intense social events for attendees, and even if you had a brunch wedding, while the other family member had a more traditional evening wedding, you're asking your half-brother to essentially spend 8 hours at weddings in one day. That's… a lot.

I understand that your relationship-a-versary is a super special day for you guys, and my suggestion would be to keep that day in your mind as your “real” anniversary… and schedule the wedding for a different time that month. You could think of it as “we've been together for 10 years this month” instead of “…THIS DAY.”

Alternately, if the day really is the priority, then you have to make the choice to prioritize the date of your anniversary over your half-brother attending. Only you can know whether that feels worth it, but my general guidance would be that relationships with family members you love are more important than anniversary dates.

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