6 creative ways to display your wedding cupcakes

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Thanks to elizawyatt for uploading this to our Flickr pool!
Thanks to elizawyatt for uploading this to our Flickr pool!

For our wedding, Aaron and I decided to ditch the wedding cake and do cupcakes instead — they’re easy, they’re generally cheaper and it eliminated the “cutting of the wedding cake” moment that neither of us was looking forward to. But before we decided on the kind of cupcakes, I started to research what I wanted as far as the cupcake display.

Here are a few cupcake display options that I found on my search…

The classic round cupcake tower:

It’s simple and easy to look at. And these are extremely easy to find in all kinds of options from simple, easy to DIY, cardboard towers, from the small and funky to the tall and formal.

I’m also a fan of the more modern square look:

darceyandandy (133)
I like the modern lines on this cupcake stand from Darcey‘s wedding. And that wooden cupcake tower is to DIE for. Wow. I bet if you were pretty handy with a buzz saw you could create something like this.

Or you could just forgo the stand all together:

I loooooooove the idea of using the cupcakes as pixels in a bigger picture. In this 8-bit cake table from Stephanie and Chase’s Nerdabilly wedding, the groom’s cake is Link, there’s a life heart in the middle and the bride’s cake is Princess Zelda.

Speaking of a table of cupcakes:

Thanks to kherakamile for submitting this to the Flickr pool.

What about using a bunch of smaller cupcake stands (I’m sure you know several people from whom you could borrow serving stand or two) and laying them out all over a big round table.

We ended up with an asymmetrical design:

cupcake display
This was created by taking apart one of those cardboard cupcake stands and then rearranging the levels using bowls and platters of various shapes and sizes. I loved that it looked like a coral reef or something.

For those who want to have their cupcakes and cut a cake too:

Cutting the cake
Of course, if you’re the kind of couple that’s looking forward to the “cutting of the cake” moment you can do that too! Top your cupcake tower with an additional mini “cutting cake.”

There are just SO many different way to display your cupcakes — small round towers, tall square towers, no tower, a lot of towers, etc. Did you have or are you going to have a unique cupcake display at your wedding? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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  1. We were really lucky that my parents are both designers/engineers and run a business creating things out of metal. So when we couldn’t find a cupcake tower we really liked, they designed and made one! They made it exactly the right size for the number of cupcakes we were getting, with a spot on top for our topper, and it coordinated with our art deco venue:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4282398935/in/set-72157623230491254/
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4283143550/in/set-72157623230491254/
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4283149012/in/set-72157623230491254/
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4282399231/in/set-72157623230491254/

  2. We’re planning to put them on all the tables as dessert and centrepiece all in one! Our current idea is to build wooden Tetris blocks to interconnect on the table and pile with cupcakes. The blocks will double as favours, so we’ll stamp or paint them with our names and the wedding date. We’re planning on having one per person so most people will get to have two at their house to stack together. Hopefully it works out!

  3. The woman making my cake is going to throw in up to 16 cupcakes free to accent the 3-tier cake,the 2 smaller cakes on the side, and the cookies.

  4. We are having cupcakes too! We have a round tower covered in the material that the bridesmaids are wearing.

    Then the cupcakes have silver patty-pans with hard white icing and little black bows on top. then we’re having a cutting cake, like Jessie and Seans wedding above, and that has a black bow around the middle and then its topped with Superman Red Son Action Figure of Green Lantern and Wonderwoman. 😀

  5. I wish i had pictures of my sister’s wedding cake display. They had a pirate-themed reception so they had a main cake for the wedding party that was a pirate-ship cake (complete with little edible figurines of everyone in the wedding party… I believe mine was walking the plank!) and then for the guests there were cupcakes covered in blue frosting, and each one had a little topper… squids, shark fins, palm trees, sea turtles, barrels/treasure chests, shells, little shipwrecked people……. The cupcakes were different flavors based on the little figurine on top. (The shark fin ones had raspberry jelly inside LOL)

    definitely the best cake I’ve ever seen, and I believe it was made for them by a friend in the business either for free or at a huge discount. She made about a hundred extra cupcakes because she was having so much fun!

  6. We love books so we are stacking books randomly and sitting the cupcakes on these and we have had a cake topper made from etsy of a silver and a purple bookworm with a smaller silver and purple striped bookworm representing our 3 year old son

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