Celebrate Starkers Corsetry with a special discount on your wedding corset

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The perfect wedding outfits to match your perfectly pink hair!
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While we have officially been drooling over our sponsor Starkers Corsetry for almost a decade, Starkers is actually celebrating its 25th birthday! That's 25 years worth of Dianna DiNoble's stunning, sexy, and unbelievable clothing. In order to celebrate their 25th birthday, Starkers is offering up a special discount to our readers.

But first, let's remind ourselves of why we love corseted wedding dresses and outfits from Starkers…

Dark blue corset and skirt + blue hair is epic on every level.

Owner and magic-worker, Dianna DiNoble creates corsets and gowns for any size, and they're even adjustable — they can fit a 10-pound weight fluctuation either way! And, because these corsets and gowns are made exactly to your measurements, they're VERY comfortable to wear all day, and still flexible enough to dine, dance, and celebrate in.

Don't just take our gushy-mushy words for it. Here's what one of her happy (and, one assumes, perfectly attired) brides said…

"I've been inspired by a dress I saw on Dianna's website for years. When my wedding came up, it was the perfect chance to have my dream dress made. I reached out to her and found she was easy to work with, and understood where I wanted to go… I didn't know how long distance dress making would work, but I sent in my measurements, got a mock-up to test out and mail back, and ended up with a dress that costs the same as an average wedding dress, but this one is perfectly fitted and looks way better than anything I've seen elsewhere.

I've tried cheap corsets, and more expensive corsets, and fit is very tricky and important. Hers fit just as a corset should — like a hug. For the wedding I was walking up and down gravel hillsides and dancing for hours and the corset top was comfortable (and secure) and the length of the skirt was just the right length so that I didn't worry about tripping. Best thing about a corset dress? You can still wear the corset as a top after the wedding." -Maia O

I'm also not mad at a short blue skirt that matches your partner's hair.

You heard that bride right, she summed up all the reasons we love us some Starkers: Well-made, easy to work with, comfortable to wear, gorgeous AF, and custom-made wedding ensembles range from $1500-$2500. (Have you been wedding dress shopping lately? I have… and good freaking luck finding something THIS stunning, unique, plus custom in that price range!)

Of course, right now, if you take advantage of this special discount, you can get your custom-made corset for even less:

Offbeat Discount

Normally Dianne offers a 10% discount, but you can now get 15% off her bespoke corsets and corset gowns with discount code Starkers25!

Also, they look great with horses!

If you've been looking to get your hands on the perfect wedding corset, or if you dream of having your wedding dress custom-made by someone who's entirely awesome and has (now) 25 years of experience then now is the time to place your order!

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