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Allow me to introduce you to Red Ruby Rose, a collection of unique handmade clutches made in Bristol, England by artist and illustrator Rowena Dugdale.

These amazing clutches come are made from an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage fabrics that seem custom catered to Offbeat needs — check out the full range of peacock designs! Some of them are so brilliantly colored and gorgeous that I could see a courthouse bride using one instead of a bouquet. Imagine this being held by a bride in a tea length dress, wearing sharp little red gloves:

Rowena's peony clutch

Rowena credits a mix of influences, from vintage ephemera and moody blooms to noir silhouettes and ethereal patterns. The Red Ruby Rose has a whole line of bags crafted with custom fabrics inspired by Rowena's illustrations and photography.

To check out a few of my very favorites from of The Ruby Red Rose's collection, keep reading. And imagine these in the hot little hands of your bridesmaids or, heck, YOURSELF!

[To view more info about a bag, just click the photo!]

Please, will some bold retro bride snap this one up?

I love that this fern clutch manages to feel both organic and classy at the same time. Best? It's lined in bright pink silk:

This bird on a wire is silk lined in the most amazing shade of teal:

Bold! Finnish! Blue silk lining! SO MOD:

Rowena is one of those bad-asses who I have covet her work and half just want to befriend. I mean, come on: She fronts an indie-pop band, and does awesome illustrations, and blogs, and more … all this in addition to making some of the most lovely clutches for offbeat brides ever!

If you're as enchanted as I am, go look browse Red Ruby Rose on etsy.

And then, in a few months, send me the pictures of you walking into your reception wearing your little pillbox hat and holding your Red Ruby Rose clutch.

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