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offbeatify your cake topper

Finding ready-made, mass-produced “offbeat” cake toppers is an almost impossible task. Our wonderful tattooed and pierced, pink haired and mohawked, offbeat couples of various colors, shapes and sizes have a really hard time finding mini-versions of themselves to stand-atop their funky cakes. But Amanda has come up with a really great solution. Why not Offbeat Bride-ify those easy-to-find traditional cake toppers?

Amanda wrote, “Seeing as most companies don't have tattooed or light skinned latin brides, we had to doctor 'em up just a bit. [My husband] was able to fully replicate my sleeve, hair colour and trademark red lips and thick liquid lined eyes.”


And for those of you wondering about the process, Amanda's husband was kind enough to give us some tips:

  • Pay close attention to detail. It helps to use a picture as a common reference.
  • Take your time and just relax. Getting nervous or hurried is not going to help you — patience and a steady hand and the work should come out beautifully.
  • Use acrylic paint. Oil or waterbased paints are very difficult to use, especially for something so small. For the tattoo he used a 10/0 size paint brush and acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is also much cheaper, it dries fast and if you make a mistake, it isn't permanent. You can just scratch it off and start over!

  • He also recommended a ratio of 1 part acrylic gloss to 1 part water to “seal” the paint in.

Here is her modified topper coupled with her hockey groom topper


I love the idea, I love the execution and I really love the tiny tattoo art!

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  1. i love it!
    we've probably spent more time looking for cake toppers than any other part of the planning, scouring toy shops and ebay for just the right little "john and vicky" plus john's son D. Our approach was to find 3 figures that we would then bride and groomify, we ended up with purple and green and red robots, but our other finalists were dinosaurs, tigers, pirates or pokemon. Probably my favourite part of planning the wedding was spending the evening decorating the robots with my 2 favourite boys, and even if no-one even notices them on the day, or appreciates the hours that have gone in, we'll know and always have that little memory!

  2. This is one of the best ideas ever and I'm sitting here wondering how the hell I didn't think of it! If I can't find the Monster & Alien cake toppers we're hoping for, I'm definitely doing this!!! Thanks!

  3. We had such a problem with this too. We wanted to have mini versions of us, but didn't want the skinny people regular topper (cuz that ain't us). Toys and figurines weren't working out because we had wanted to have our mini portrayals be in similar scale to each other. With two failures of sculpting them myself from FIMO clay (one fell off the table and broke, the other caught fire during production in the toaster oven) the third time was a charm! I really think that this represents us and has the whimsy that was needed for it to be ours.
    Check it out:[email protected]/3931624

    I used the FIMO clay, supported it internally with paperclip peices, and painted with acrylic. I bought platform for them to stand on with the hearts in the back at a craft store.

    Good luck with your wedding planning!

    • Your cake toppers are so cute! Did you ever sculpt anything out of FIMO before? I bet you could even make something like this and sell them. Great job!

  4. My fiance has long hair… I've been looking but I can't find a long haired groom cake topper. Any suggestions?

    • my s.o. has long hair too. i was thinking about just making them. etsy is always a good route too.

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