Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns: Offbeat Bride talks to the New York Times about wedding cake alternatives

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Schlopp with a Cherry on Top!

Ariel was quoted in a New York Times article that just published today, Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns:

Ariel Meadow Stallings, the founder and publisher of Offbeat Bride, a wedding blog, said, “It's not an anti-cake movement, it's more like: If you're going to spend a fortune to feed your guests at your wedding, you might as well feed them something you're going to really enjoy, and that they're going to really enjoy.”

She has featured ceremonies in which candied apples, churros and even schlopp, a Dr. Seuss-inspired parfait, take the place of the cake. Ms. Stallings said the couples' challenge is making less formal substitutions look special.

Ms. Stallings added, “Candy buffets can be really colorful, and really playful, and have a real sense of fun.”

Read the full article, and tell us: how are you making YOUR non-wedding cake dessert look special?

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Comments on Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns: Offbeat Bride talks to the New York Times about wedding cake alternatives

  1. I am not a huge cake person. But I LOVE pies. Specifically, fruit pies. I know other family members are not in love with pie like I am so being that I am having a small celebration ~40 people, we are doing to have cakes AND pie and maybe some cheesecake! I love options and having a small guest list means we have a lot more wiggle room.

  2. Holy crap do the BF and I love cake. SOOOO HARD. Except at our wedding the plethora of cakes will not be accompanied by whipped cream or buttercream frosting, but heavy pouring cream! And probably also milk. We loves us some cream on cake.

  3. Neither one of us are eating flour these days — so — wedding cake would simply be for the guests, and we wouldn’t have any!! Not an option because I LOVE DESSERT. So we are going for a 8lbs TRUFFLE by the amazing Gayle’s Chocolates in Michigan (we are in NY) – I can’t even tell you how totally psyched I am to cut into a beautiful, huge truffle and put daubs of it on fresh berries from a nearby farm! OMG.
    To you cake lovers out there – respect – but Dark Chocolate Truffle?? That’s a solution I can applaud myself for! Gosh I hope it works!! 🙂

  4. We are doing a destination wedding, and it happens to include lots of stuff we originally didn’t want, such as a cake. AND THEN. It turns out they had this amazing bloody-looking cake: http://morganculture.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/awesome-cake.jpg .

    At the at-home reception (one of them, anyway), we’re making cannolis, which is an old Thanksgiving tradition we used to do with my grandmother, who now has dementia and has no idea who I am. We get awesome AND sentimental!

  5. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me, the Boy and I are looking to reduce costs for our wedding and the price of wedding cakes are ridiculous where were are from so it is cool to see all of these alternative ideas! Thank you

  6. We’re doing cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries. I have celiac’s (as do several of our guests), so we’re doing both gluten free (from a fabulous gf bakery in RI– new england brides) and regular cupcakes . I also don’t overly love cupcakes, so i insisted on having dark chocolate dipped strawberries as well. We’re making our own displays (though we’re having the gf cupcakes served to gf guests first, to avoid cross contamination).

    it was the most cost effective thing for us, and neither of us care about those mammoth cakes, so it was perfect too! love these other alternative ideas though (too late now). we had some friends who did an ice cream bar at their wedding- which also sounds awesome.

    • Dietary restrictions are one of the big reasons why we opted for a bunch of different cakes. What’s the fun in it if you can’t even eat your own wedding cake (or cake representing item)??

      • exactly! plus more flavors = more options (for the same price) = more happy people!

  7. My first wedding we had a cake on each table. Then we came around and cut and served each cake.

    At my second wedding, we had a choice of apple and cherry strudel. It was so good.

  8. For our engagement party my stepsister gave us a recipe book for mini pies – so many amazing sounding suggestions, including pies in jars. I think I maybe want a pie table instead of a cake one!

  9. My stepsister gave us a recipe book for handheld pies, for our engagement. So I’m thinking a pie table may be in order on the day!

  10. We had a cake of cheese! Wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other. It was amazing.

    We also had a normal wedding cake (wedding cake in the UK = fruit cake) but only because my grandma wanted to make it. So she made it and my mum and I iced it and we all ate loads of cheese too!

    • That sounds fantastic, if only because fruit cake and cheese (especially Wensleydale or a similar cheese) are delicious together 🙂

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