Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns: Offbeat Bride talks to the New York Times about wedding cake alternatives

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Schlopp with a Cherry on Top!

Ariel was quoted in a New York Times article that just published today, Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns:

Ariel Meadow Stallings, the founder and publisher of Offbeat Bride, a wedding blog, said, “It's not an anti-cake movement, it's more like: If you're going to spend a fortune to feed your guests at your wedding, you might as well feed them something you're going to really enjoy, and that they're going to really enjoy.”

She has featured ceremonies in which candied apples, churros and even schlopp, a Dr. Seuss-inspired parfait, take the place of the cake. Ms. Stallings said the couples' challenge is making less formal substitutions look special.

Ms. Stallings added, “Candy buffets can be really colorful, and really playful, and have a real sense of fun.”

Read the full article, and tell us: how are you making YOUR non-wedding cake dessert look special?

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Comments on Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns: Offbeat Bride talks to the New York Times about wedding cake alternatives

  1. We’re doing a display of petite fours! Basically, they’re just bite-sized cake-like desserts. All of our food is finger food, because I want people to be able to be mingling most of the night, and I feel like this fits with that.

    I’m just not a fan of “traditional” wedding cake. I don’t mind cakes in general, but don’t like fondant and often a whole slice of cake just seems like too much when I’ve been eating, drinking, and dancing all night.

    We’re putting our petite fours on a big multi-tiered display, and putting the cake topper on the top tier. So it will still obviously be the big, wedding-y dessert.

    • Oh, petits fours were SUCH a treat when I was a kid! I’m putting this on my to-serve list for sure (along with pies!).

  2. We had fortune cookies- in our colors: orange, blue (blueberry), brown (chocolate) and white (coconut!) and a giant one to break together. We piled some by color into a big monogrammed hurricane vase that my aunt had given us and spread the rest around it and the giant one on the “cake” table! We also had a candy bar (also in orange, blue and brown) and felt that no one missed the cake that cost twice to three times as much as all that 🙂

  3. I have just never loved cake. Ever. I think I am missing the cake gene. We are doing a 1950’s vintage back yard BBQ kind of thing. So I am doing cupcakes I will make myself. I found some cherry flavored ones I will decorate very bright “Soda Shop” like. I will also do a candy buffett. They are very trendy right now but oh so much fun for kids and adults plus we can do a slew of vintage candies. I am still trying to decide if I should do a few individual pies too. Since pies just remind me of the 50’s.

  4. I’m not into cake, if I had to give up any dessert for life it would be cake. That said, the dessert at my wedding will be a complete surprise. The pastry chef at the restaurant we are having the reception at makes 5 different desserts every night. Everything I’ve had there has been great and the presentation is very artsy so I’m not worried about specialness.

  5. We’re buying a plain, round, white grocery store cake as the official “wedding cake” because sometimes the groom says things like, “We’re having a white cake to cut, right?”

    Since all the women intimately connected with the wedding bake, the day before the wedding we’re having a “Baking and Boxed Wine” day as a bachelorette party, and everyone is making their specialty. I’m making dipped chocolate strawberries to put on top of and around the wedding cake.

    Depending on how successful this experiment is, we’ll run out and buy some more round grocery cakes to fill in any blank spaces on the desert table.

    Then we’ll put all the offerings on white platters and cake plates, and call it a day.

  6. We’re doing rounds of cheese stacked on top of each other, decorated with fruit and served with quince paste and candied walnuts on the side.

    This will be post-nine months of No Cheese For Alien Spectacles and I will be eating allllll the cheese. I hope the guests love it too.

    • Oh man that sounds good. We are considering getting a wheel of cheese and a dude to stand and slice it for our cocktail hour. Cool idea to do that for your dessert!

  7. There’s a woman in the DC area who makes ice cream/fro-yo using liquid nitrogen. It’s just her and she’s been to some major events in the area. From what I’ve seen/tasted her stuff is fantastic, easy to whip up batches as needed, and fun to watch. I fully intend on serving that in lieu of cake.

    Sadly I can’t remember her name. Wah wah.

  8. We’re doing a “decorate-your-own-sugar-cookie” bar instead of serving wedding cake. Fiance was sad that there wouldn’t be ANY cake, so we’re going to bake ourselves a small round one to cut for pictures and for him to eat. Everyone else gets cookies!

  9. I love this post! The boy and I are planning a “Breakfast for dinner’ themed wedding and we’re thinking a layered cake – coffee cake, carrot cake, and a cinnabun layer. I am HOPING I can find a vendor that will do this for us locally.

    (We don’t have a date planned yet, but the wedding is essentially planned, ring or no ring)

  10. We’re going to have red velvet cupcakes. It will be DELCIOUS!

    I think the best wedding desserts have to be the ones that the couple actually enjoys to eat. That’s why I’m staying away from fruit cake – I cannot stand it!

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