Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns: Offbeat Bride talks to the New York Times about wedding cake alternatives

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Schlopp with a Cherry on Top!

Ariel was quoted in a New York Times article that just published today, Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns:

Ariel Meadow Stallings, the founder and publisher of Offbeat Bride, a wedding blog, said, “It's not an anti-cake movement, it's more like: If you're going to spend a fortune to feed your guests at your wedding, you might as well feed them something you're going to really enjoy, and that they're going to really enjoy.”

She has featured ceremonies in which candied apples, churros and even schlopp, a Dr. Seuss-inspired parfait, take the place of the cake. Ms. Stallings said the couples' challenge is making less formal substitutions look special.

Ms. Stallings added, “Candy buffets can be really colorful, and really playful, and have a real sense of fun.”

Read the full article, and tell us: how are you making YOUR non-wedding cake dessert look special?

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  1. We had miniature fudge doughnuts (little doughtnuts with creme patisserie on the inside and fudge on top, they’re a regional speciality) but still stacked them on a lovely cake stand, with the ‘cake’ topper taking up the top tier. Looked fab and mostly importantly they were DELICIOUS.

  2. I went to a wedding once where exactly one piece of cake was eaten–the piece the couple shared. The rest was just cut and sat there on individual little plates for the rest of the night. I can’t imagine having spent that much money on a cake and seeing it demolished only to be completely ignored. It was ignored, in part, because no one really made a proper announcement in the dark ballroom along the lines of “get up and get a slice of cake. Eat the cake. EAT IT.”
    I’ve been tossing around dessert ideas for a long time, and I’ve never had a “YES THAT” moment. But I DO know that part of the key to dessert success is making sure that no one can possibly forget it’s there.

    • Something like that happened at my wedding. ^^() I made the cakes myself, but made more than I really should have. The problem with running a wedding yourself is that you lose track of time and then your mom tells you it’s 7:30 and half the guests have left already and you should probably cut the damned cake now. >.< On the other hand, I got to bring home leftover cake and it was delicious.

    • Maybe thats why my husband insisted on personally serving everyone the cake. He carried slices around on a big platter and I handed them out.

  3. OMG! I said this at when hanging out with some of my friends in April. I am going to have cinnabuns at my wedding. Why not???? People are going to talk about me and what I am doing, why not have my fun and not have the stale wedding cake. We are having cinnabuns, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, cotton candy, whatever you can think is at a carnival we are having it!!!!

  4. I had a small cake for show, but supplemented it with mini-whoopie pies wrapped in polka-dot cellophane overflowing from wooden bowls. They looked and tasted great. The local company (www.wickedwhoopies.com) makes the minis in regular (chocolate) flavor, as well as lemon, strawberry, and chocolate chip.

    • Oooh, we’re having whoopie pies too! We’re having several different flavors as well. Go Maine!

      • Yes!!! We’re doing a whoopie pie tower instead of a wedding cake, too. Four flavors of whoopie goodness; classic, pumpkin/cream cheese, chocolate/peanut butter, and vanilla/lemon. We’re getting married in New Mexico, so I’m ordering ours from a guy in Denver, but is originally from Maine, so he does ’em right. πŸ™‚

  5. I recently went to a wedding where they had a cart come in and make minature donuts on the spot. It was AWESOME. They were warm and delicious and they had little doggie bags that you could put them in for later (which was awesome the next morning!)

    • YUM!! That sounds absolutely fabulous! I saw someone who had an ice cream buffet at their wedding, and I see where my favorite place (Marble Slab Creamery) does them. If we were getting married local and not eloping I would totally do that instead of cake!

  6. I actually really love cake. Birthday cake, wedding cake, you name it. So I’m having cake because I LOVE it. Also we’re having Pies. πŸ™‚

    • Awesome! I do want to be clear here: talking about cake-alternatives in NO WAY means I’m anti-cake. I served carrot cake at my wedding because I fucking love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

      This is all to say: cake is great if you love cake. If you don’t love cake, there are other awesome things to serve!


      • I luvs carrot cake too – it will be one of the layers on our cake. And if no one eats the cake, well – YAY! More for us – we could live on pizzas and cake for a week at least!

    • I was totally caught off-guard, reading this where people said they actually HATE wedding cake. Not prefer pie (who doesn’t) but HATE wedding cake? Is it wedding cake or all cake? I LOVE cake; wedding or otherwise. I always weasel myself a corner slice with three times the frosting and the flower on top.

      We’re doing wedding cake, but I’d like to think that it’ll be tasty. It’s not one of those stiff fondant cakes, but butter cream and lemon cake. How could it be bad?? I personally plan on skipping dinner and then eating cake until I’m sick. It’s kinda one of my childhood dreams, really.

      Oh, and we’re having doughnuts, too. Because I love doughnuts and love thinking about a pile of glazed old fashioneds on an elegant cake stand with a penant stuck in the pile.

      • Mr. Ivriniel and I don’t much care for cake. Especially for icing. It’s just too sweet.

        On the other hand I love fruit cake, which is what my parents had for a wedding cake (more specifically, they had a Jamaican Black Cake made by a friend of my mother’s) which at least in this parts, was the traditional wedding cake for the longest time.

    • I think a lot of the reason people say they hate wedding cake (and wedding cake specifically) is because, at least for all the wedding I’ve been to, and my husband has been to, and my friends have been to, wedding cakes tend to be very dry and flavorless. They are often a boring taste (if they taste like anything at all) because they are trying to appeal to everyone with one flavor, and they are often dry because they are made days in advance, and have to be fairly sturdy to be decorated prettily and cut prettily. I love the fact that, more and more, cakes at weddings are becoming more like real, everyday cakes that are moist and delicious and come in FLAVORS (even if it’s just yellow cake)! So yes, I do think people hate wedding cakes specifically, as a general rule, without necessarily hating cake (because I mean… how can you hate all cakes??)

      • All of my ex-boyfriends hate all cakes; my current boyfriend loves cake. I just… can’t… imagine being with someone who won’t eat too much cake with me. This one’s a keeper, haha.

        • I just…I agree so hard, that was in fact the first thing on this entire website I’ve THIS-ed. And I’ve been stalking this website for years.

      • I agree.. I am not a huge “wedding cake” fan. That is why I have specifically asked for a huge yummy birthday cake disguised as a wedding cake… Birthday cake I like πŸ™‚

    • Have a funnel cake station. When I was in culinary school we would make the funnel cakes and 1/2 cook them at the school, set up our portable station at our destination, then fry and garnish to order. If you can’t find a bakery, search vendors, see if your venue has this option, or check out your local schools.

    • Halle, just because some people choose to wear non-white wedding dresses doesn’t mean that David’s Bridal is going out of business any time soon.

      In the same manner, there will always be people serving wedding cake. I don’t think your business is going to be affected by this niche trend.

      • I know that business won’t be affected, I just don’t want to lose any of my offbeat brides. They’re my favorite. Shhh… don’t tell the others.

      • It’s a HUGE trend here to do both–have a candy buffet and a massive cake or little individual wedding cakes on every table but serve whoopie pies and signature cocktails as “dessert”. Some of our brides do a traditional wedding cake, then use a less traditional dessert as the groom’s cake. One couple baked a DOZEN pies themselves then had a cake, anyway.
        Just sayin’. I agree totally that the wedding cake is NOT going away, even at weddings where other dessert is available.

    • I’m having cake and I’m offbeat! Lol. We’re having my FH’s boss’s wife do our cake (she’s a pastry chef) and its going to be marzipan with chocolate ganache. To hell with picking a generic flavor everyone might like… I want an awesome flavor that I know I’ll love, and if the entire cake is left over at the end, well, MORE FOR ME!

      • Yaknow, I feel like this is a very Offbeat Bride thing. “Food left over at the end of the day? I’M TAKING IT HOME.”

        So nice to know that Offbeat Brides will not only give your cake business a challenge with an AWESOME concept cake, they’ll love it so much that they’ll take it home with them and nom on it for days. πŸ™‚

        • If I pay for the cake, someone’s gonna eat it. If that someone is me, then I win! I can’t imagine paying for cake (especially if it’s fancy, decorated, traditional, overpriced cake) and then NOT taking it if there’s any left.

  7. We didn’t ditch the cake all together but instead of shelling out $6/slice for a single cake that I’d have never been happy with on our budget, we asked family members to bake different cakes for us. It was AWESOME. Each granny made their specialty, the dads both baked something, my mom, my SIL, and a few aunts all pitched in and we ended up with a delicious and sentimental display of pretty much every cake we’ve ever loved. πŸ™‚

  8. At my mom’s wedding, years ago, we had a wedding cake shaped candle that was just set on the table besides huge pans of tiramisu. We had chocolate biscuits and fresh strawberries too. Nobody seemed to miss cake.

    • There is an amazing picture of my grandparents’ wedding in the Bronx 66 years ago with the two of them standing happy as can be in front of the largest pile of cream puffs I’ve ever seen. – Beautiful – the urge to go off the cake path began generations ago πŸ™‚

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