Wedding brunch menu ideas that are delicious and sometimes adorable

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We got a request from an Offbeat Bride reader for us to feature more offbeat menu ideas that aren't about desserts. We've covered wedding cakes and cake alternatives, but what else should you feed your guests?

I thought I'd start off our menu feature roundups with my favorite of all the kinds of menus: BRUNCH!

Ah, the brunch wedding — budget-friendly and delicious. And don't get hung up on tradition… brunch can take place at ANY time. (Breakfast-for-dinner, anyone?)

How adorable are those mini pancakes!? At the risk of getting even hungrier, let's keep looking at MORE delicious options for your wedding brunch menu:

Cinnamon rolls

Big plates of mini cinnamon rolls and fruit and pretty and yummy.




Fruit salad flanked by Sabre flatware © by Dinner Series, used under Creative Commons license.

Classic American breakfast

delicious brunch!
A classic brunch fair of scrambled eggs, country potatoes, bacon, toast, etc. Add champagne and you got yourself a party!


Waffle irons and fresh toppings for the waffle bar at Dawn and Chris' wedding. Photo Susan Helgeson

Breakfast burritos

They also had a build your own breakfast burrito bar. Photo by Susan Helgeson.


Home-made pastries from this cave wedding were lovingly contributed by guests. Photo by Andrew Kung

Fruit tarts

Fruit tart YUM
Fruit tarts are gorgeous and delicious. Photo by Ruby Sky Photography.


Doughnuts close up
Perfect sweets for a brunch menu are doughnuts like these from Voodoo Doughnuts. Photo by Jessica Watson Photography.

Omelette bar

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

French toast

Individual french toast squares over cups of syrup. This idea is perfect for a non-seated brunch. Also, gotta love the milk! Source: via Julie on Pinterest


For the coffee addicts
Speaking of milk, what about drinks? I love these funky coffee thermoses from Lucy and Travis' wedding. Photo by Jessica Watson Photography

Hot chocolate

This couple set out marshmallows for the hot cocoa.

Orange juice and mimosas

This dawn wedding featured an orange juice station with fresh fruit. Add bottles of champagne to turn this into a mimosa station. Photo by James Lykins


Tropical Smoothie = easy to carry w/ you from table to table
Fruit smoothies are also a great drink option. Make 'em fresh or pick up a batch at a local smoothie joint. And the bride and groom from the photo note that these were easy to carry with them from table to table while they greeted guests. Photo by Ruby Sky Photography.

Bloody Marys

I dig this make-your-own Bloody Mary bar. Source: via Bunny on Pinterest

I know there are other brunch brides out there — so, what's on YOUR brunch wedding menu?

Psst: We'd love to do more menus. If you'd like to share YOUR menu with us, leave a comment! Even better, let us know where we can see pictures… we'd love to feature your wedding food. Email us.

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