Wedding bouquets for grooms – because masc folks deserve wedding flowers too!

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The wedding industry talks a LOT about bridal floral options, but our grooms needed a lot of lovin’ too! When it comes down to it, there are a million cool things soonly-weds can do to express themselves in ways that feel authentic to them.

Does the groom need a flower? Traditionally, boutonnieres are thought of as the masculine floral piece for a groom. But honestly? If that ain't your thing, fuck all that noise! Whether you're a guy, gal, or nonbinary pal, if you're masculine-identified, there are plenty ways you can adorn yourself with flowers.

Today we're sharing some ways masculine identifying folks can include florals in their wedding celebration. Let's go!

Wedding bouquets for grooms

In terms of a groom's bouquet, there are a ton of great options! Truly, your only limit is your own imagination. When it comes to holding the bouquet, however, there are some tricks of the trade.

We recommend holding the bouquet at belly button level, tilting the stems slightly back with the blooms tipped forward. This gives your photographer and guests the best possible angle so your blooms can be the little stars they are.

TIP: If you choose to DIY your blooms, cut your stems short! This is something that separates professionals from the average DIYer. When the stems are short you have a much better range of motion when you are werkin it!


What is the groom's flower called? Traditionally it's a boutonniere, but if you can't spell that (LOL WE CAN'T!) you can just call it a button hole flower. If you choose to go the boutonniere route, there are a million ways to make them your own and really stand out.

Our biggest tip is to avoid putting them on until you are about to take a picture or walk down the aisle. Boutonnieres can get easily dehydrated or smashed when you give hugs.

You'll need to designate a boutonniere captain. This person needs to watch videos on how to pin boutonnieres safely, make sure the boutonnieres actually GET to the venue, and have steady hands to pin them on each person. We recommend assigning a loved one you trust with the steadiest hands.


Corsages are super easy to DIY and fun to make. We enjoy putting ours on a wrist cuff so it can be reused for other special occasions. They come in all sorts of different colors so you can have a royal golden look, a modern silver vibe, or a trendy mixed metal look with your wedding party.

Floral Pocket Squares

This one is the most out-of-the-box! We recently became obsessed with doing floral pocket squares. These are so easy and make a fun statement. We have also seen people adorn their entire lapel with flowers from top to bottom. We've even seen live floral sleeves that almost look like tattoo sleeves.

Specific Flowers

With flowers, there is lots of symbolism that go hand in hand with queer history.

For example, Oscar Wilde is thought to have popularized green carnations as a symbol of same-sex love. There was also the Greek poet Sapho, who was one of the first-ever recorded lesbians. She often wrote about nature and came to associate lesbianism with violets. In the 1920s people came to understand the term “lavender boy” to mean a gay man.

There are a million subtle floral hints you could include in your celebration. It's a beautiful way to to pay homage to the people who came before you in a time when their only option was to be subtle.

And those were just a FEW ways you can express yourself with flowers!

We hope however you celebrate you have the opportunity to be loud and proud, and truly express your love for one another. If you ever have questions about how to achieve a floral project as a DIYer, Flower Moxie is here to help.


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