Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body

Guest post by Ms. N
The sexy Ms. N rockin' the boudoir shoot, shared with her permission. Photo by Seattle Boudoir Photography
The sexy Ms. N rockin' the boudoir shoot, shared with her permission. Photo by Seattle Boudoir Photography

Let me preface this with two things…

  • First, I have never been the type to want to be immortalized in my unmentionables (i.e., I never thought I would want to get photographed in my undies before). It wasn't something that I had been dying to do all my life.
  • Second, I am a plus-size girl who is not altogether comfortable with her body and who consistently has some self-love issues.

That being said, let me tell you why you (yes, YOU) should consider boudoir photography…

This past Saturday I had a boudoir shoot with Seattle Boudoir Photography and it was honestly the most liberating experience of my life. I was nervous and apprehensive going into it.

I've never been completely comfortable with my body, and even less so now that I am in my 30s and have stretch marks and scars and even some lovely VEINS that mark who I am and where I've been throughout the past 32 years.

I kept having the thought in my head that these people who would see me half-naked would be completely grossed out and would be disappointed that they could not make me look decent in any photos.

Boy, was I wrong.

I got to spend 2 hours with amazing people who, very honestly and sincerely, thought that I looked beautiful, and did everything they could to make sure that I knew it. And not only KNEW it, but FELT it, too. Nobody ever once looked at me and said, “Oh, I sure wish you were thinner,” or “Wow, those stretch marks really take away from this photo.”

What I heard instead was, “Oh, you have killer boobs!” and “You look so hot in that pose, for real!” I could NOT believe my ears. And really, that was all it took for me to suddenly realize this:

I'm freakin' HOT!

It doesn't matter about size or scars or weight or anything. What matters is how you FEEL. And I have never been more amazed at how comfortable I could be with myself.

So. If you can swing it, you should totally consider boudoir photography because:

  1. You get to be comfortable in your own body, even if you were already.
  2. Lots of people complimenting you and telling you how hot you look!
  3. Did I mention the wonders it does for your self-esteem?
  4. It's an excuse to buy really cute lingerie.
  5. Again — what better way to encourage self-love?

Oh and if you're wondering, “But what will I actually DO with the boudoir photos?,” Offbeat Home & Life has the answer to that.


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  1. Well of course! You DO look hot. 🙂 So glad you were able to see that. Thank you for sharing!

      • I said hips and curves also but for some reason I guess it didn’t post. My shoot is May 29th and I’m make it a mix up, some of the shots will be normal boudoir shoots, Some will be retro pin-up girl style and a some will be sexy comic book character like. I have bought a corset wonder woman outfit with spandex shorts and created a Harely Quinn outfit so mine will be a mix of things I know we both like and still manage to be geeky

  2. I love love love boudoir photography- I dabble in photography and have shot a variety of things including weddings and boudoir for friends of family/friends and it is a liberating experience for the model and the photographer! To celebrate the beauty of a woman in her most natural form is an amazing experience. That being said, I did not feel comfortable taking my clothes off for a stranger, not to mention the cost of a reputable, professional studio is on the higher side (between $500-$2,000 with ordered prints) so I set up my tripod and lighting rig while the husband was out of town this past weekend and shot myself using the timer and remote shutter. I loved the results! I’ve been discreetly editing them (they will be an anniversary gift which isn’t for a few months) and am so happy I did them myself- I referenced Pinterest before shooting and did my own glamour style make up/hair. I reviewed periodically and found some poses worked really well for me and others were not so flattering, but ultimately I enjoyed learning more about myself privately while simultaneously creating something I know will blow my husband’s socks off 😉 Please Please ladies consider doing this!!

  3. Yeah… I REALLY want to do a boudoir shoot. My FH would love it, and frankly, I’d like to toss my inhibitions away for a while and be comfortable in my own skin. I love so many of the shots I see. I suppose being painfully thin with stretch marks and other body-image issues has always made me antsy about anyone seeing me like that… but I think it might help if I can let it go and feel like I can still be hot and sexy. ^_^

  4. Oh, I adored my boudoir photoshoot. It really felt liberating and took me out of years of selfhating and depression because I didn’t like myself…
    Unfortunately, I did it when I was single and now my husband hates it 😀 Not that he hates me or my body, but the idea that the photographer was my male best friend (he is a professional photographer) who spent an afternoon looking at me naked. 😀 But I would advise a female photographer and even better – wedding boudoir.

  5. I just wanted to provide an alternate opinion. I had similar photos taken and while I’m thin I’ve suffered eating disorders a lot. Turns out my photographer wasn’t very good and the results crushed me. I ripped them up and through them behind the bookcase. He had the nerve to show my parents. Please be careful choosing your vendor. I’m glad so many of you felt empowered.

  6. I recently had a boudoir shoot and i was blown away with how good i looked. I.had 2 free prints with my package but i couldn’t choose just 2 so ended up buying 12. My fiance loved them and i look at them when Im not feeling great about my appearance. Id definitely recommend to anyone x x

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