Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body

Guest post by Ms. N
The sexy Ms. N rockin' the boudoir shoot, shared with her permission. Photo by Seattle Boudoir Photography
The sexy Ms. N rockin' the boudoir shoot, shared with her permission. Photo by Seattle Boudoir Photography

Let me preface this with two things…

  • First, I have never been the type to want to be immortalized in my unmentionables (i.e., I never thought I would want to get photographed in my undies before). It wasn't something that I had been dying to do all my life.
  • Second, I am a plus-size girl who is not altogether comfortable with her body and who consistently has some self-love issues.

That being said, let me tell you why you (yes, YOU) should consider boudoir photography…

This past Saturday I had a boudoir shoot with Seattle Boudoir Photography and it was honestly the most liberating experience of my life. I was nervous and apprehensive going into it.

I've never been completely comfortable with my body, and even less so now that I am in my 30s and have stretch marks and scars and even some lovely VEINS that mark who I am and where I've been throughout the past 32 years.

I kept having the thought in my head that these people who would see me half-naked would be completely grossed out and would be disappointed that they could not make me look decent in any photos.

Boy, was I wrong.

I got to spend 2 hours with amazing people who, very honestly and sincerely, thought that I looked beautiful, and did everything they could to make sure that I knew it. And not only KNEW it, but FELT it, too. Nobody ever once looked at me and said, “Oh, I sure wish you were thinner,” or “Wow, those stretch marks really take away from this photo.”

What I heard instead was, “Oh, you have killer boobs!” and “You look so hot in that pose, for real!” I could NOT believe my ears. And really, that was all it took for me to suddenly realize this:

I'm freakin' HOT!

It doesn't matter about size or scars or weight or anything. What matters is how you FEEL. And I have never been more amazed at how comfortable I could be with myself.

So. If you can swing it, you should totally consider boudoir photography because:

  1. You get to be comfortable in your own body, even if you were already.
  2. Lots of people complimenting you and telling you how hot you look!
  3. Did I mention the wonders it does for your self-esteem?
  4. It's an excuse to buy really cute lingerie.
  5. Again — what better way to encourage self-love?

Oh and if you're wondering, “But what will I actually DO with the boudoir photos?,” Offbeat Home & Life has the answer to that.


Comments on Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body

  1. i think pin up pics are soo fun, i took some for my then boyfriend and now fiancée, and the best part was when he was so thrilled that i though to give him some so personal and intiment at the same time, i agree get boudoir/pin up pics taken.

  2. You make some fantastic points here. Nevertheless, my problem with some boudoir photography is that half of it ends up looking like porn (which just isn’t my thing) HOWEVER, the photo posted up here is probably the nicest and classiest boudoir shot I’ve ever seen!

    • If I’m not mistaken, this particular business specializes in old school pin-up style boudoir photos. But I can vouch for other similar businesses.

    • With boudoir, as with wedding or other professional photography, it’s really a matter of finding a photographer whose style fits your sensibility. I’ve seen a lot (to my mind) of “trashier” styled shoots but I’ve also seen a ton of gorgeous pin up, vintage 70s playboy-inspired, and light-infused, delicately-styled, respectful, boudoir. A lot of women never get more unclothed than a negligee or bikini-equivalent undergarments. It really just depends on you and your photographer.

    • If the only boudoir pictures you’ve seen look like porn then you haven’t looked at any good photographers sites. The sexiest ones I’ve ever seen don’t have show all that much skin it’s more the idea of playfulness or of getting the viewer to think about what possibilityes and mysteries there are to be had with the model

    • Oh, I got all wibbly over this post, too. Not about to pose for photos in my undergarments–I mean, not with strangers!–but I deeply appreciate how doing so in the right circumstances can be a massive confidence boost.

  3. Thank you for this. I got a lot of anti-boudoir flack on the indie wedding web when I mentioned I was looking for boudoir “outfits” that felt right to prepare for my shoot. And you know what? Eff that. It was one of the most incredible experiences in my entire life. It gave me confidence I never expected by allowing me really embrace my extra pounds and bone structure and big thighs because they were all respected and treated as beautiful by my photographer. I finally saw myself as beautiful for who I AM, and not who I wanted to be 10 pounds from now. In the course of my mental preparation, I looked through a lot of photos, and my favorite set were of a plus size woman who rocked it. She was genuinely the sexiest woman I found in ANY of the boudoir photos I saw, and it’s because she OWNED herself and her body. Like you mentioned, I was able to take that and go into my shoot finally knowing that sexy is all about how you FEEL. And the photos I got back reflected that sexiness in a wonderfully shocking way.

    It was a really healing experience and I am a now huge advocate of boudoir photography for all women who have struggled with body image issues. It doesn’t have to be associated with your wedding at all, and I don’t think it’s about your partner in the least. It really was, in its purest form, all about self-celebration and love.

  4. Really awesome post. I love that boudoir photography is a way for the not-stick-thin girls to be truly sexy and appreciated for being beautiful!

  5. Thank you. :] As a plus sized girl I was envious of all the nice boudoir photosets online. Now I realize that I can do it too.

  6. what a great article! i’ve always wanted to do this… and with things going in the marriage direction these days, I really want to get these done for my boyfriend.

    Never 1005 comfy in my own skin and i’m just past 30 myself… i’m almost convinced now 🙂

  7. As a plus sized girl and always wanting to do it… as I saw my mom’s from when she was younger (granted of course she is a stick)… this just made my day! and it’s beautiful too!! Thanks for being an inspiration and reminds everyone to accept yourself.

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