Bad-ass wedding boots for winter or spring weddings (updated for 2022!)

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These are the boots for a bride who wants to wear Converse, but taller. Way taller.

So this week's shoe freak-out will be about wedding boots perfect for rain, sleet, snow, or even just a nice indoor venue.

Y'all should know me by now: I like daring (aka LOUD!!) wedding shoes, and I've geeked out a full range of boots here, ranging from spikey heeled boots to western and boho styles to combat boots to floral boots perfect for rainy spring weddings.

So put on your shoe whore hats, and let's dive in, shall we?

They're gold, they glitter… how cute would these be with a short wedding dress?

For Offbeat Brides going for a more traditional wedding gown but still wanting a pop of style, imagine these red suede booties peeking out from underneath a long white wedding dress… HELL YES.

Take on the day with pure delight in your step when you put on these Eiffel Classic boots. Crafted in white and black hues, this lace-up pair boasts a pristine vintage-inspired essence that could be perfect for a Victorian wedding theme.

These Collectif boots are another great option for those of you wanting a vintage feel on your feet.

Maybe you want to go for a more Western or boho vibe? These embroidered cowboy boots could be glorious for a ranch wedding!

Again with a western design, these cowboy booties have a modern boho aesthetic that I'm just loving. They feel almost geometric!

YES we love an architectural heel, darling. These very modern booties have pointed toes and a super sophisticated design.

Or maybe the boots you want are combat? These white Lugz boots would be a real sneak-attack peeking out from under your more traditional wedding gown.

These pink rhinestone stilleto booties are cheap AF and probably uncomfortable… but dang they're cute!

Can we talk about the bohemian bride vibes on these boots?! I feel like these would be so cute for a winter bride in the snow. That red fur trim would just POP against the white. (They're available with blue fur, too!)

If you like the idea of a chunky heel but want to go with a more feminine vibe than combat boots, these floral boots could be a great option.

Again with the bright patterned boho vibes! These boots are LOUD AF and really want to have a conversation with you. I could imagine these with a simple and short white elopement dress…

Hell yes iridescent booties with a transparent chunky heel!

Are we ready for the vegan goth platform boots yet? Have we worked our way up to these buckled beauties?

Let's get into the details on these Peep Toe Colorblock Heeled Boot? I mean yes they're open-toed so do they really count as boots? But these are just so cute.

Are these your something blue? These little blue booties could be pretty marvelous.

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Comments on Bad-ass wedding boots for winter or spring weddings (updated for 2022!)

  1. Love the red fluevog, hotness! I wish more of the spikey heel boots were less…death heel. Especially the pretty ever after boots.

  2. I am a boots lover and this is the shoe post i have been waiting for! I have been dreaming about white cowboy or victorian boots for my wedding!

  3. I am totally in love with the red womens lover boot! They are way above my price range, but if I should come into money, that is the first thing I'm buying! LOVE THEM!

  4. I have to say, I would warn against the Pleaser USA boots, those black and white high spats-type affairs. I bought a pair intended for offbeat prom (:-P) and was rather disappointed. They were cheaply made, uncomfortably pinchy and the seller wouldn't take returns. So I'd steer clear if I were you.

  5. Holy cow! I think the turquoise haft cowboy boots are the ones I just ordered for my wedding! I am wearing a somewhat traditional but simple ivory dress, and love something unexpected with it ,like boots or crazy shoes! And I adore shoes that can be worn again and again. We're getting married in a rose garden, but our recpetion/party is at his aunt and uncle's place-small farm-so boots seem to fit the bill. Woohoo to boots peeking out from under a dress! 🙂

  6. The Fluevog Libby Smiths were my dream wedding shoe (though in Salvia and Taupe), but given that our entire wedding is less than $1000… not so much. Thanks for the booth fetish fix, though!

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