Now is the time to buy your wedding boots

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News Flash - CreamIt's August, which means the last of the summer brides are scurrying around last minute, getting their parasols and kitten heels together for their backyard weddings. But you, dear autumn & winter brides. You've still got time.

You're still gathering supplies and getting your ideas together for your colder-weather wedding… and if you're thinking of wearing boots to your wedding, I'm here to ogle some colder-weather boots for my colder-weather brides! We've got understated white boots, fancy rain boots, daring colorful heeled booties, and of course a pair of rainbow moon boots because, you know, RAINBOW MOON BOOTS.

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  1. Damn, I just bought my shoes last weekend, but those Victorian boots with the key heel are stupid awesome! Luckily I found some awesome booties from Aerosoles. I got these bad boys in wine suede and they’re damn sexy 🙂

    Aerosoles Minor Role (Women's) - Wine Fabric

  2. Only autumn/winter brides get to wear boots? Fooey, I say! I stomp around in boots nearly 365 days a year! You bet I’ll be having boots in July! (Well. I’ll at least have bought some. I’ll also be donning some ballet slippers because they’re just too darn comfortable to dance in..)

    So much love for these boots. Sadly, especially the ones costin $400+ are my favorites. Of course. 🙁

    • Yeah, I’m a year-round boot wearer myself… but even *I* took off the boots for my summer wedding. 🙂

  3. I LOVE boots! I am doing summer dresses and cowboy boots for my wedding party. My wedding is next July. The good news is that we will be camping, so when it cools off at night they will be thanking me!

    • lol Yep! I ordered these already! They’re going to look SO FAB in December for my Steampunk Wedding!

  4. I just ordered the top pair in black! I already had a pair of shoes for the wedding… but I realized I was settling… omg! so excited to get them!


    I’m a boot fiend… I just want them… all of them. Special Occasion or not…. BOOOOOOTS!
    I want those gold ones with a firey passion

    • PS those tall black ones with the sequined skulls… I have them. They are badass… and make me feel like a rockstar. Highly recomend

  6. They’re not especially wedding-y, but as long as we’re being boots obsessive, I have to share the boots that I’m building my fall and winter wardrobes around.

    John Fluevog Women's Volunteer Boot

    …in brown.

  7. Does anyone know of a brand of boots that work for women with calf muscles? I have big calves from biking but thin ankles and I don’t think I’ve ever met a pair of boots fit properly. It seems like cyclist-calves (as well as plus sized legs) should be pretty common offbeat problems, maybe it would make a good post 😉

    • I’ve always had to settle when it comes to knee boots. I usually wind up in something that has a stretchy back so it fits my well developed calves. That usually means about 1/2 way through the season they are all stretched out and have become slouch boots… phail.

    • I also have muscular calves from exercise, and dainty ankles; finding properly-fitting boots has been hellish for as long as I can remember. :c

  8. The rainbow moon boots are giving me flashbacks to my childhood in Alaska. It’s a very weird sensation when you’re reading a wedding blog.

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