5 reasons to have your wedding at a drive-in movie theater

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This could be you!

Remember when we introduced you to our sponsor Four Brothers Drive-in Movie Theatre in the Hudson Valley, in New York. They're back with a special offer and four more reasons to consider throwing your wedding at a drive-in movie theater…

1. The unique venue

There are hardly any drive-in movie theaters anymore, let alone people having weddings at one! Four Brothers Drive-in gives you all the flexibility of their unique venue, plus a fun experience for your all guests. They'll not soon forget the kick-ass drive-in wedding they attended that summer!

Speaking of which, here's how The Four Brothers Group describes their venue…

The venue itself is at a world-class drive in, having won numerous awards and recognition in the area as the best drive in theatre. We are unique in our ability to create a dimensional experience, provide unique amenities, and offer fantastic service.

2. The entertainment

Four Brothers has a fire pit lounge, patio seating up to 200 guests, gardens, a mini golf range, and, of course, a giant movie screen! You can have a mini golf reception, project films during your dinner or ceremony. You could have late-night drinks around the fire pit, and party late into the night on the patio. And ALL OF THAT just comes with the venue.

3. The photo-ops

Just look at how adorable this place is, and that's just the entrance! There's a cute garden to take advantage of, there's no end to the kitschy design elements that'll make your photos pop — murals, signs, lights, decor, etc.

4. The food

Forget having to search for a caterer, one of the best parts about going to the drive-in is the food! Of course, Four Brothers Drive-in even elevated the food experience — they have their own food truck (boasting crepes and Greek fried dough). Plus a beautifully designed food shack for late night eats or snacks for your peckish guests.

5. The discount

Offbeat Bride discount:
If you book Four Brothers Drive-in Movie Theater as your wedding venue and mention Offbeat Bride, you'll get a 10% discount!

Yup, you could get all those things wrapped up in one awesome package, and for a freaking discount! Why wouldn't you have your wedding at the drive-in!? But remember, outdoor venues are pretty seasonal, so book Brothers Drive-in venue for your wedding date before someone else snags it!

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