Photo courtesy of Angelina Potapova
Photo courtesy of Angelina Potapova

In the past, I've answered advice questions from folks who are like “We don't want to exchange rings! How do we do a ceremony without wedding rings?”

Well, here's one more idea to consider: a wedding anklet.

I don't know much about Russ & Daniela's wedding other than what I could glean from the photos from Australian photographer Angelina Potapova … but from what I could see, it looks like my kinda shindig.

(Also, I'm a big fan of the bride's embroidered dress.)

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  1. I’ve worn anklet bracelets for quite a while now. But for me they’re always ones I make from embroidery floss and wear til they fall off then make a new one.

    I thought I really needed a special one for the wedding so I made one in our colors and then with some bright silver floss.

  2. On the tv show 3rd rock from the Sun, the guy wanted a watch – b/c it’s round. So the world is your oyster, essentially.

    • I take it to be very fine crewel embroidery in the Jacobean style on linen. The groom’s tunic also appears to have fine embroidery and appliqued trim. I would be very interested to know if the bride did all of the needlework herself.

  3. I could never do the anklet thing. Mostly because I would totally fall over if I had to stand on one foot in front of a bunch of people. 😉

  4. would love a better view of that DRESS! from the display on the heart pillow, it looks like they had an assortment of love tokens and I think it’s great that she tied something into his dreds. looks like a fun time from the photos!

  5. I’ve been looking for a wedding dress for several months. That is the most beautiful dress ever. I want to find something like that. Wonderful. And the anklet is a lovely idea.

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