Camels and puppies and Muppets, OH MY!

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Let's get real: Animals are freakin' awesome, so naturally many of you have found ways to include those furry loved ones in your wedding. They make great ring bearers, exotic backgrounds, cute and/or possibly dangerous props. Even if your pet isn't present, they can still be there in spirit. This one is dedicated to our furry friends…

Miller - Riemann Wedding
OMFG! Adorable mini dogs in mini ties. The bride, Jessica sewed these ties for her boys Rat and Zorro so that they wouldn't feel left out on her big day.

Shondelyn and Tyler got married at an aquarium, which had a penguin come out during cocktail hour and their guests got to look at her and ask questions about the wildlife.

Photo courtesy of Transcendence Studio

Here are Kate and Steve with the loves of their lives: their cat, Stella and two beagles, Hudson and Riley. Kate and Steve actually recruited Stella, Hudson, and Riley to create their save the dates, and featured them on their cake…

Photo courtesy of Transcendence Studio
Photo courtesy of Transcendence Studio

Although Stella, Hudson, and Riley could not attend the actual wedding, Kate and Steve repped them with their cake toppers.

Rachel and Brandon got married at the Serengeti Resort in Bergheim, TX. The resort gave them a golf cart and encouraged them to explore the safari space to take pictures with the animals. This photo was taken before Karl the Camel made a love-nibble on Brandon's suit collar. Precious.

And the coolest “animal” of them all, Animal the Muppet, made an appearance at Remy's wedding. Apparently, he mysteriously shows up to every party that this bride attends. So, as expected, he showed up to her wedding. He even dressed up for the occasion!

Becky & Gretchen's wedding
Kishka played the role of Flower Beast in Becky and Gretchen's wedding. The role suits her. Kishka sure looks like a terribly savage beast in this photo. 😉

Kissing by the Kangaroos
Megan and Rusty are a couple of kissing kangaroos who got married at the Kansas City Zoo.

Norah and Jerry enlisted their dog Tater to be their ring bearer. It looks like he accepted his mission with pleasure.

favourite part of the day
I'll let the bride Nicole explain this pic: “Before the wedding, I kept thinking that it would be really cool if I got to hold a snake for some of our wedding photos. But I didn't actually expect it to happen.
By complete coincidence, we walked past a ‘meet the animal' showing with this snake, and the extremely accommodating zoo employees hooked us up. Kyle has a thing for reptiles, so this totally made my day (y'know, on top of the whole getting married thing).”

Bowties!All dogs just look so handsome in bowties!

Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

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Comments on Camels and puppies and Muppets, OH MY!

  1. Best. Monday Montage. EVER. I would like to know how they got their beagles to wear clothes – mine doesn’t even like wearing his collar.

  2. We are totally in love with our cats and wanted to make them a big part of our ceremony without coming across as complete wierdos to our families with pictures of them all around. So we are using their colors as our wedding colors (orange- for the orange tabby named Serena and grey for our tuxedo named Willow).
    I loved to see how everyone else incorporated their animals into their wedding.

  3. I love the cake topper with Kate and Steve dangling their feet over the edge! Where can I get a topper like that of my Honey and me?

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