Don't make Santa cry: NOW is the time to get your A la Carte wedding albums for holiday gifts

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Jane of A la Carte Albums
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If you're even THINKING about gifting wedding albums for the holidays, first of all: good idea! Second of all, you need to read this post from our longtime sponsor Jane of A la Carte Albums.

Wedding albums: your family wants them. A la Carte's got them. But you need to act fast to make everyone's holiday wishes come true!

Wedding albums can be awesome holiday presents — many of my clients have affirmed this. BUT! While nobody really wants to think about winter holidays before Thanksgiving… wedding albums, which are handmade objects that take serious time and craftsmanship to make, can sometimes take as much as two months to complete. Albums can be super affordable (starting at just $100), but they can take time… so let's talk about them now.

Every year in late November and early December, I get tons of emails saying "I want to make my parents/spouse a wedding album for Christmas!" And then I have to say "Great! Here are the few options left that can actually be produced in time for the winter holidays, and… we're probably going to need to two-day ship that heavy box." And then things get stressful and sad! Especially if folks were hoping to bring the funk with awesome options like metal covers, which can take extra time.

So, to really encourage you to think early, take a present off your list, and save you from having to pay rush shipping, here's some advice and a couple discounts (good until October 31st, 2012!):

  • Right now, all my DIY assistance services are 25% off — including retouching, image selection, image polishing, and special printing.
  • Designs for parent albums (medium sized books around 20 pages long) are 25% off
  • Parent album designs are COMPLETELY FREE when ordered with a larger album design from the same event.
Also, I know how it goes with holiday-stretched budgets. It's okay to wait until 2013 to actually do the physical production of the big wedding album. The design and the book itself are totally separate payments, so it doesn't have to be paid for all up-front. Payment plans are always an option, too… even on a $100 album!

As a bonus, I have a new, lightweight flush album that's perfect for parent albums — and the cover options are almost all vegetarian and vegan friendly. (That cute red album in the picture? Totally vegan, and I don't mean that smells-of-plastic fake leather, either.)

And even if you aren't DIYing it or parent album-ing it for the holidays, you still get the 10% offbeat design discount, and don't have to pay rush shipping. (Seriously, those boxes get big, and often heavy, and you want to be able to ship it ground — overnight shipping makes Santa cry.) Meet me over at and let's get a jump-start on the holidays!

  1. I just have to say that I WISH I had known this bit of advice post-wedding. I had the easiest time deciding what to get everyone for the holidays the year I got married, and the hardest time getting it all done by Christmas. Long story short, it didn't end well. Don't be like Megan OR make Santa cry! 😉

  2. Oh, this is a little worrying, since I was planning to give photo albums from our October 11 wedding as gifts for Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday that is celebrated on December 5th)…

    • 5 weeks is definitely doable — it just limits your choices; last year I had a rush of people who really wanted, frex, matted albums, or certain kinds of covers on flush albums, which take at least 6-8 weeks to make, but started 4 weeks before Christmas. Email me and I will be happy to point you to options I can do and DIY options available to you that will work with your time frame.

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