3 ways to design your wedding album from Sweet Memory Albums (…you too, Germans!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Okay, so you got your awesome wedding photos, but your photographer didn't include a wedding album. Or maybe they did, but you can't afford to have your photographer make extra albums for your parents, in-laws, grandparents, etc. Then there's always the question of what to do with all your guests' photos… do they get to go in an album? With our sponsor Sweet Memory Albums, you can create high-quality, flush-mount wedding albums on your own!

These guys make wedding albums easy with three great design options

All-inclusive design service:

All you have to do is upload your photos and Sweet Memory Albums will design your wedding album for you. You also get unlimited free design changes, so you can make sure your album looks exactly right.

Collaborate on design mode:

You upload your photos, and then decide where you want them to go on each page of your wedding album. Then one of Sweet Memory Albums' graphic artists will apply the actual design — putting all the finishing touches on everything.

DIY Online Editor:

You design your wedding album completely online with Sweet Memory Albums' full-featured editor. Get your album designed easily, right in your browser, without having to install extra software.

No matter how you choose to design your wedding album, all Sweet Memory Albums are printed on premium photo paper, bound in real leather (or leatherette), and featuring fold-flat thick pages. Plus their 100% satisfaction guarantee, and pay-after-receipt-policy, ensure that you'll only be paying for albums that you absolutely LOVE.

Oh, and here's something that sets Sweet Memory Albums apart: they have a German-language site! So those of you in Germany, or with German relatives: klicken Sie hier. And all English-speaking, photo album-needing readers: you can just get started here.

  1. My wedding gift to a friend was a wedding album. I started by collecting things from the bridal shower, like the flowers and random pieces of confetti. I saved the invitations and took photos of the event. I even got other people's photos. I saved the invitation from the rehearsal dinner as well as the menu and the napkins and flowers (I'm pretty certain that wasn't "okay" though). I did the same for the wedding itself. I took ribbons and flowers and table runners (they were going to tossed anyway and the person who did all the set up asked me to take them so they wouldn't get wasted) and napkins and everything else I could find. At the reception, I left disposal cameras at the tables with note cards explaining them. Out of the ten cameras, only one was stolen. I also left note card sized paper and pens on everyone's plate to write messages to the bride and groom since they didn't have a guest book either. Finally, I talked with the photographer and was able to get a cd copy of all the photos. I developed the photos from the disposables and printed the ones from the professional and used all the trimmings from the previous events and made a beautiful wedding album out of hand made paper. (I bought the paper – I'm not that amazing) I cut one of the table runners and used that as binding for the book. I pressed and dried all the flowers I was able to get and used them throughout the book. I, personally, thought it was pretty amazing. It took me a little while, though, and it would have been better had her family worked with me at all. (I wanted to put a guest list in there and actually identify people in the photos but after two months, I gave up and just finished it.) I ended it with a photo of the of them and the "thank you" tag from the favours.

    Bottom line, you can do whatever you want for a wedding album. Absolutely anything. You can include it all and still make it magical. I'm sure it fun to do it yourself, but I think it's even more special if it's made for you, by someone who loves you. But maybe I'm biased on that note (-:

  2. Yay! German things! It makes me so happy to see something that is also available in Germany! 😀

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