Heather of HPB Photography sent us this sweet and simple wedding on Sinclair Island in Washington state, where the bride, Kim, has a small home. She and her groom, David, gathered their family and friends via boat to the island and the ceremony was held in front of a small chapel open for all kinds of worship. The summer celebration was warm and cozy and truly had that timeless feel that you just can't mess up.

For more on this lovely, self-catered, and DIYed island wedding, check out HPB Photography's blog post.

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Comments on A sweet and simple remote island wedding

  1. So heartwarming! I was having an awful morning but this really brightened my day…
    I want to know what the post-its are about!

  2. Well, I can answer that :)… years ago I put 100 post it notes on my husbands bedroom wall after I left his house one morning, with 100 reasons why I loved him. 7 years later, when it came time for us to exchange vows, he handed me 100 brightly colored post it notes withe reasons why he loved ME. It was very very very sweet!

  3. LOVE the sea glass – was thinking about doing the same for our wedding. I always come home with bits and pieces in my pockets after we go to the beach 🙂

  4. Wow, there is something really appealing about the simplicity of this wedding!! It looks so chill, calm & happy 🙂 Beautiful!

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