Nicole and Julie had a lovely outdoor ceremony in Washington full of emotional touches. They had lots of DIY projects and planned the whole shebang in only two months. One very sweet surprise for Julie was during the ceremony when Julie's father and Nicole surprised her with her grandmother's ring, which was thought to be lost. The wedding party consisted of their blended family, including Nicole's four children. Julie had never worn a dress before and wanted her first time to be her wedding dress! Thanks to Alisha from Haute Pink Photography for letting us share this wedding.

Julie sees her grandmother's ring at the ceremony.

Check out the rest of the photos over at Haute Photography's blog.

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Comments on A blended family wedding with two brides and a long-lost ring

  1. I love the silly bridal party picture. I have been pretty obsessed with finding ‘humor in matrimony’ photos these days. You’d be surprised at how many wedding albums come back with no humor whatsoever. Beautiful wedding and congratulations to the happy couple!

    • I know, right? What’s up with all the angst in wedding photos these days? Weddings are supposed to be happy and fun. Fun!, forcryinoutloud. That being said, my favorite photo is actually the one where Julie sees the ring… that one choked me up. I just love this wedding. Congratulations to Julie and Nicole!

      • ME TOO. *sniffle*

        And the expression on Nicole’s Dad’s face while they’re dancing…*reaches for tissues*

    • I really need to get a post together….I gave my squad parasols instead of flowers, and there is totally a shot of parasol fencing that is the one which makes us deeply happy.

    • i think this was a very gorgeous wedding. and also i belived that two people that love each it souldn’t matter whether you are the same sex or not it seen that alot of people want to be the judge get a life and i love the sign here come the other bride

  2. Wow! Just… wow! Congratulations! The pictures capture to mood of an incredibly fun day full of love…

    And I love Julie’s hair do – finally some inspiration on what I can do to mine… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this wedding! Looks like a lot of fun – am I the only one who wants to know how Julie felt in the dress? The first dress ever experience… how did it go??

  4. This put a big weepy smile on my face. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

  5. Why does OBB feel the need to point out when it’s a gay couple’s wedding (ie, two brides, LGBT wedding, etc)?

    I fully support same-sex marriages; doesn’t constantly pointing out the difference between these wedding posts and “regular” weddings just reinforce the idea that they aren’t equal?
    Just a thought…

  6. gorgeousest wedding! So much beautiful emotion and LOVE ‘Here comes the other bride sign’ such a great touch 🙂

  7. I LOVE that she wanted to save wearing a dress for her wedding day, so sweet! But I love even more that she changed later on. It showcases both sides of her so well. Beautiful!

  8. Truly beautiful. I can see the love on the two brides faces, they look like they are meant for each other. : )

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