Pop Wed Co is all about easy, custom elopements all over Washington DC

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Washington DC couples, your wedding plans just got super easy! Photographer and longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor Maggie Winters has teamed up with a humanist civil celebrant, and they're offering pop up elopement weddings at the coolest spots in DC!

Get the details on the very-new-and-very-awesome Pop Wed Co


What is Pop Wed Co?

Pop Wed was inspired by many of the couples I photographed, who come to DC to be married; they want a beautiful portrait session and some creative wedding day photos in their awesome outfits, and in many cases they don't know the city or where the cool spots are to create the photos they want! So, we will be choosing one date a month at a different location each time (a really beautiful, photogenic location) and offering four weddings per date. This allows us to keep the package super affordable while also offering an awesome service! – Maggie


What does a Pop Wed Co wedding include?

We think this video gives you a great quick overview of what you'll get with Pop Wed Co…

How do I set up my Pop Wed Co elopement?

  1. Chat: Get in touch with Pop Wed Co.
  2. Pick a date: Pop Wed Co offers one date per month at a different location. Then they collect a $500 deposit to book your date and time.
  3. Customize your event: Once your date and location are chosen, Pop Wed Co will get to know you and your style to plan a ceremony and photo session that will be perfect for you — costumes, a Muppet ring bearer, characters from Star Wars, circus pets — anything you can dream up!
  4. Get married: Pop Wed Co will meet you on your wedding day at your awesome location — just bring yourself, your partner, and have fun.


Can I get a discount?

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: In anticipation of all the creative and awesome couples they'll meet from Offbeat Bride, Pop Wed Co is offering $500 off to the first couple who gets married by them in costume!

BONUS: Pop Wed Co is also going to give away a FREE wedding to one lucky couple! To enter, Tweet them at @popwedco or email them at [email protected] and tell them where you'd like to married and why Pop Wed Co is ideal for you. But hurry: the wedding can only take place on February 22nd or March 1st, and they'll work with you to figure out a super epic location.

So, assemble your best wedding cosplay, and hurry up and and get Pop Wed!

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  1. We’re planning on honeymooning in DC and so really wish that this had been posted a few months ago before we made all our wedding plans!

  2. This is so amazing! It’s exactly like what I want. I wish this were available everywhere!

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