You might recognize this couple from their shameless naked fruit save the date cards. Now you can get the rest of the scoop on their awesome vintage camp out wedding!

Photo by Jeremy Pelley

The offbeat bride: Victoria, Boutique Owner

Her offbeat partner: Fritz, Designer

Location & date of wedding: Forks, WA (Friend's Backyard) — August 15, 2009

A few rustic wedding details: We decided to go against any traditions and do exactly what we wanted to do, no questions asked. We started this by sending out our save the date, in which we are naked with only fruit covering up my chest.

Ceremony Seating

There was no religion involved. I had bridesmen. We spent under 5,000 on our wedding. My dress was designed by me and John Blasioli and then sewn by him as well. We made chairs out of logs, 150 of them. We had pie instead of cake. We slept with our campers in an airsteam, etc.


Tell us about the ceremony: My favorite moment of our wedding was watching all the guests work together to help create and set up our wedding. The logs had to be placed with the tables, programs put together, jars filled with sand and candles, etc. The best part was to witness friends and family who didn't know each other interacting and working together to make our wedding possible.

Photo by Randall Garcia

Photo by Randall Garcia

Our biggest challenge: The biggest challenge for our wedding was trying to figure out what to do about chairs. Forks, WA has one rental place in town and the next closet rental place is over an hour away. They only had brown metal folding chairs and cost about as much as the cute wooden white ones that you can rent elsewhere. We spent a long time trying to come up with ideas for chairs until we thought of cutting log rounds, putting padding, fabric, and tying them with twine. Forks is logging town so we thought it would fit right in and look great with the vintage theme. Cutting and creating 150 of them was pretty hard too.

Photo by Pheobe Ebright

Kids Table

My advice for offbeat brides: Do what YOU want, not what your mom, dad, friends, relatives, want you to do. The best compliments from our wedding came from those who expressed “concern” of us not being so traditional. Also, we both came out of the event with no regrets or any “I wish we would of done this instead of that” kind of thing.


Oh and FILM your wedding. We super 8 filmed ours and it's AMAZING!

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

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  1. May I ask what you did with all the log seats after the wedding? Also, I love the plates. My fiance and I also planned on doing this, but haven’t had much luck so far…

    Great wedding!

  2. I am so impressed with this wedding. It is my perfect wedding, but unfortunately my fiance’s nightmare wedding. We are so similar in every way, but wedding planning has proven that we view the wedding very differently.

    Can anyone recommend how I would go about finding a dress like Victoria’s? I love it, it’s fantastic and earthy, but I have no idea how to describe it. I’d like to find more of this type of style.

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