Walking tacos, robots, axes, and a couple of lessons to learn from

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Some Burning Man, some Tetris, a little walking taco action, and hard-core plate breakage happened in this week's Offbeat Flickr Pool submissions. Check ‘er out.

Lolo and Francis Darling make it official in a sunset ceremony at Burning Man 2011. That sky, their boots, that… robot? I may not know what's exactly happening here, but it's hard not to love.

A Tetris-y cross-stitched wedding sampler! Totally geeky and totally cute. And you can get the free pattern for it at Karen and Ian's friend's blog.

Elle's friend Rachel made this pretty fantastic VeeDub cake. It even has a wee license plate!

Belt it
Christen and her groom belt it out karaoke-style at their reception. That is some enthusiasm, if I've ever seen it.

Speaking of passion… oh ho my lawd. I don't know if I feel right even looking at this photo. At least we know they're enthusiastic all around.

Tribe member TheatreDork25 hand-knotted this pearl necklace! She found the brooch online and knotted the pearls around it. Lots of work, but lots of reward.

Here is TheatreDork25 wearing the necklace with her period garb. And those Fall leaves make the perfect backdrop.

I love a bride in boots! And I especially love it when the bride carries succulents and billy balls, like at Amy and Tim's wedding.

Tribe member KrissyBeth had to educate her guests (and husband-to-be) on the proper production of a “walking taco.” Looks yummy and portable.

Jodi and Mark A Wedding day-0213
One lesson Jodi and Mark will never forget from their wedding day: always take care in cutting your cake with an axe, or your plate may take the fall.

I'm cheating since I mentioned these two last week, but but but I did not see this amazing shot of Bonnie's purple birdcage veil! You can't pass up a good colored veil when you see one.

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Comments on Walking tacos, robots, axes, and a couple of lessons to learn from

  1. I want moar TheatreDork25 and her groom! Especially around this time of year (in the States anyway) – a beautifully Fall wedding would be lovely to see! Especially with that period get-up that I am drooling over…..
    But first I must go make a walking taco.

  2. Theatredork–where did you get the gear for your groom? I must know! It is tres gorgeous!

    • Hi Emma- sorry this is so late, I just saw this for the first time! His coat was a costume coat made by Charades, that we got in Salem, MA. We changed the buttons to pewter celtic ones and it made it look badass! His vest is the Emerald Isle vest from The Gentleman’s Emporium. His tie and shirt came from there too. Other than that he wore dockers and chucks that he already had. Hope this isn’t way too late!

  3. Zowie!!! I just logged on for my daily tour of OBB and just about fell off my chair! How exciting to be on the front page! That awesome robot is the musical art project of our friend. He played our wedding music and was the PA system for our vows. He lives far away from us, and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with planning “Wedding 2.0: the legal one” without him.

  4. Oh my goodness- I never saw this! Flickr doesn’t send me email notifications of comments, so I didn’t know this was here. What a lovely surprise! I just submitted my profile (I thought it was some sort of magical popularity contest, I didn’t know you could just write in and submit!) So maybe it will be featured. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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