Walking down the aisle without flowers

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I'm getting married in September and am thinking about not carrying anything (flowers, etc.) when walking down the aisle.


I love flowers, but I don't really feel like having something that I will only hold for about 10 minutes.

What are your thoughts?

Has anyone else done the same?


I've seen plenty of instances where folks replace flowers with something else — like lanterns, candles, clutches, feathers, and parasols. Some brides walk with a book in their hand (usually the bible, but could just as well be the Kama Sutra), framed photographs, or other family heirlooms.

…But that's not what you're really asking about, right? You want to walk down the aisle nothing in your hands at all, right?

I think it would be deeply romantic to walk down the aisle holding only the hand of your beloved. The two of you could enter separately, meet and clasp hands, and then walk toward the officiant together hand-in-hand. Very simple, very romantic, and no bouquet or other props involved.

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Comments on Walking down the aisle without flowers

  1. I’m going to begin my walk down the “aisle” empty handed, then have each person hand me a flower as I progress the walk (we are having a small ceremony with about 15 guests). By the time I reach my groom I will be holding a full bouquet of various wildflowers!

    • I like that idea. Some of the prettiest bouquets my FH has ever given me are the ones he picked from a field behind my old apartment, which seemed to grow different flowers every other day. They put the purchased ones to shame despite being smaller and sometimes housing bugs. wildflowers are wildly underrated sometimes!

  2. Don’t know if I’ll carry a bouquet, I’m thinking about going for a flower wreath instead. I’m hoping to have both my parents walk me down the aisle, so I can just hold their elbows instead of flowers.

  3. My sister just flat out forgot her bouquet (probably bc both my mom and dad walked her down the aisle so each hand one of her arms) and by the time someone noticed and ran up to grab it, it was just about time for her to make me hold it for her anyway hahaha.

  4. I’m not carrying flowers. I’m carrying my son who will be 15 months and walking hand in hand with my daughter who will be 11. I think that’s way more important to have our son in my arms going to his daddy, And having my daughter escort us they are the most important part of this union.

  5. i didn’t carry anything! I’m not a huge flower person and I don’t really get the point in bouquets – floral or otherwise! I just made sure that my arms were by my sides in a comfortable / natural position. Although I decided to throw a shape mid walk down the aisle, then they were in the air ;D

  6. I didn’t carry anything at my first wedding and I don’t plan on carrying anything for my second wedding this fall! You go girl! It’s completely unnecessary to carry anything with you but the love in your heart for your future spouse.

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