Walking down the aisle without flowers

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I'm getting married in September and am thinking about not carrying anything (flowers, etc.) when walking down the aisle.


I love flowers, but I don't really feel like having something that I will only hold for about 10 minutes.

What are your thoughts?

Has anyone else done the same?


I've seen plenty of instances where folks replace flowers with something else — like lanterns, candles, clutches, feathers, and parasols. Some brides walk with a book in their hand (usually the bible, but could just as well be the Kama Sutra), framed photographs, or other family heirlooms.

…But that's not what you're really asking about, right? You want to walk down the aisle nothing in your hands at all, right?

I think it would be deeply romantic to walk down the aisle holding only the hand of your beloved. The two of you could enter separately, meet and clasp hands, and then walk toward the officiant together hand-in-hand. Very simple, very romantic, and no bouquet or other props involved.

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Comments on Walking down the aisle without flowers

  1. I’m not carrying anything. It actually makes me feel less comfortable to have to figure out how to hold something while walking. I’d rather just let my arms flap 🙂

    I *really* want to walk Ginger Starfish Firefly Spoon, my dog, down the aisle, but Mr. Wolverine is concerned she’ll be snarfly. She’s rarely snarfly. Plus I think it’d be funny.

  2. I am definitely NOT doing a bouquet. It just isn’t me. Instead I’ll be escorting my mom and dad, both of whom are somewhat disabled. My sweetie will escort his parents out right before me. My first thought was for us to walk out together but we like the idea of ‘presenting’ our parents since most of our friends have never met them. It’s also just a nice gesture of acknowledgment even though we’re basically taking care of the wedding ourselves…we know it means a lot to them.

  3. No flowers or books for me/us either! I guess I haven’t been to too many wedding b/c I never even considered it…. Perhaps that fact that we don’t have any ‘attendents’ has curbed the issue further.

    Anyhoo, thanks to the first comment….I didn’t really consider the nerve issue. With a little concentration, I trust that our arms and hands will behave themselves. 🙂

  4. I carried no flowers. All I had was a handkerchief, since I knew I would cry. I walked in with both my parents and it was nice to be able to hold their hands.

  5. I will be carrying lilies. It was kind of a no brainer for me, although I have thrown around some other ideas. When it comes down to it though, I’m named after them and that’s important to me.

    I have also researched flower carrying traditions, and I like the fact that it started out as brides carrying herbs to ward away bad spirits. Later it became flower to ward away bad BO ;).

    To that effect I will be tucking some catnip in with my lilies as it symbolized love and happiness, and it’s a little memento for our kitties that won’t be there.

    Seriously though, only do what it meaningful to you. Flowers are meaningful to me because I’m named after one.

  6. No attendants, and no bouquet here, either!

    I’m tossing around the idea of carrying a single rose… if I can find a good-looking one on the day of. I *do* get fidgety, so carrying something may not be a bad idea 😉

  7. i like the idea of a wrist corsage. i had been thinking of grabbing flowers from the local grocery and carrying those, but it’s just going to be us and our parents and officiant. and i would like to “walk down the aisle–whatever that ends up being” with both my parents. thanks for the idea!

  8. I won’t be doing the bouquet either. Instead, I’m wearing a wreath of them on my head. I don’t like the veil thing, and I also don’t like having to hold something. But I LOVE flowers. Think about Maid Marion in Prince of Thieves. Gorgeous no? Good option for those of you who need your hands free but don’t want to give up the florals.

  9. Oh wrist corsage thingo, don’t go there! well go there if you want, but I was a bridesmaid about a year ago and had some flowers that were tied to me wrist with ribbon, it was pretty, but then never stayed put, they kept slipping and falling, it was SOO annoying.

  10. I bought a bouquet of vintage button flowers from Lilfishstudios on Etsy and she’s thinking of using them as her bridal bouquet. That might be an option if you wanted something pretty and quirky that will last a long time.

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