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If you've been reading Offbeat Bride for a while now, you probably are already all too familiar with Wai-Ching wedding dresses and, like us, you just can't get enough! Every dress is an amazing piece of work and no two designs are every exactly alike.

Seriously, every time we profile a wedding with a bride in Wai-Ching, we just KNOW it's going to be an amazing write up.

Now, if you're not familiar with Wai-Ching's wedding designs, you're in luck because Chrissy Wai-Ching has contacted us with some of her recent wedding dresses worn by actual brides on their actual offbeat wedding…

As you may already know, Wai-Ching caters to the offbeat bride by providing highly customizable, colorful and imaginative dresses. And all the silks are hand-dyed so they can create any custom color in any style. Speaking of silks — Wai-Ching uses almost all organic/vegan and hemp silks now.

Wai-Ching can also outfit your entire wedding party. Which is one of the many wonderful things about getting your clothes from Wai-Ching — all the dresses are made to measure, so a great fit is ensured! They've clothed a huge variety of body types from an itsy bitsy size negative 0 to a 6'4″ plus size bride. And from what we've heard from OBBs, it's far from the awkward wedding boutique experience.

Of course, if you can't make it in to her Seattle studio, that's okay! She can work with brides worldwide — ensuring that everyone gets a perfect fit no matter where you live.

“It's been awesome seeing so many different types of women rock the Wai Ching dresses their own way!”
Chrissy Wai-Ching

Psst: You can also “like” Wai-Ching clothing on Facebook until you can actually BUY Wai-Ching clothing in real life.

So, by now you're probably with us on the whole Wai-Ching dress = awesome wedding, right!? Now there's three things you can do with this love of Wai-Ching… get even more dress porn from a full album of hundreds of real Wai-Ching brides then, after you're sufficiently inspired, contact her to get started on your very own unique-as-hell wedding dress.

PS: You can also find Chrissy on twitter at @waichingstudio and Facebook!

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Comments on Wai-Ching dresses in their element

  1. I already got married. Hrm. Think I can just have a smashing party and get a dress for that?

  2. Well, you pushed me that last step! I’ve been planning to email Wai-Ching to ask about a custom dress for a while now (em, since before I was officially engaged…) and this post pushed me to finally do it, because I pretty much knew what I wanted to say, and I want to beat the rush that’s inevitable after this post!

  3. I am going for an appointment next weekend (as I am a lucky Seattle bride)! So excited 😀

  4. I had an appointment and ordered a Wai-Ching dress a couple months ago (can’t wait to get it!) and the overall experience was great! I was able to try on different samples and pick and choose what I liked to create a custom dress. Also, it’s dip dyed green…can’t beat that!

  5. Every single dress in those photos are absolutely dreamy and gorgeous, especially the first. Although I absolutely adored my first wedding dress, Wai-Ching is definitely on the cards for my second wedding dress (the benefits of marrying somebody from across the globe is that I get three weddings!)

  6. Chrissy has the most amazing ability to make dresses that are alternative and elegant. i can’t wait to see the sketches of mine turn into reality!

  7. Are these reviews written by the advertiser, or by an OBB reviewer who’s adding a plug for the advertiser? It sounds like it’s the latter, but then in the middle of the article:

    “And all the silks are hand-dyed so we can create any custom color in any style.”

    Which leads me to believe it’s actually the former…which seems a little weird.

    • We write the ads using the info that the advertiser sends us. I totally just took that bit of info from her words directly and forgot to change the tenses and *voila!* — confusion. It’s fixed now, thanks.

  8. I’ll never have a reason to wear one of these, but I always hope for a new one on a bride when I check OBB- I just love looking at them!

  9. ack….lurvvv her dresses. She was the other option for my dress if I hadn’t bought one through Brides Against Breast Cancer. I had even talked to her over email about it, but I ended up going the less expensive, charity giving route.
    But, that first dress is phenomenal…almost makes me want to go through the planning process again just to wear it. =)

  10. I’m getting married in March and have been engaged for almost a year now. I was absolutely dreading wedding dress shopping, and nothing I had seen anywhere online, even on OBB, had really inspired me until I saw the Wai-Ching dresses. I live in TX, and plenty of people warned me about ordering a dress I couldn’t try on first, but I couldn’t find a single bride unhappy with her Wai-Ching dress, so I went for it! Chrissy is super personable and easy to communicate with. We’ve done everything via e-mail thus far. She’s creating a dress for me in the colors I requested by combining two different dress designs. It should be ready in the next couple weeks, and I CANNOT wait to get it and try it on!

  11. I’m getting married next month and ordered a Wai-Ching dress from Chicago. I planned to visit Seattle after receiving my dress for a “proper” fitting, but never had to. I sent Chrissy my measurements via email, exchanged ideas with her by telephone & email and waited for my custom dress to arrive. When it did, it was perfect. Not only was it more gorgeous and substantial than I expected, it fit like a glove! And that’s saying a lot because I do not have an easy to fit body. If you’re dreading the prospect of ordering a wedding dress sight-unseen (I did, and had several “back-up” dresses lined up, just in case), Chrissy is one designer you can trust to deliver an AMAZING result.

  12. I guess this is why they say to stop looking once you’ve found your dress…these are stunning and not even that expensive. damn!

  13. Ahh! I love Wai-Ching dresses! I was SO bummed out when I got back from a trip from Australia – North America (including 4 days in Seattle) and THEN found out about her!! Luckily from everything I read, organizing with her via email is totally do-able. I looove her dresses.

  14. Not gonna lie, I’m very seriously considering a trip to Seattle next summer to see about getting her to create me a beautiful colourful creation…I can’t find anything like them over here in the UK…

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