Wai-Ching does it again

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Yes, I'm a longtime fan of Wai-Ching dresses, and even wore one to my book release party. But with this silk dress, Chrissy Wai-Ching has truly outdone herself. No seriously:
I love that Chrissy made the groom's dramatic silk tie to match … but really you haven't lived until you've seen the back of the dress. That's where the real party is goin' on…


To see more amazing photos of Adana & Orion's May 2008 wedding, head on over to Totten Photography. And to ogle more Wai-Ching dresses, head on over to Wai-Ching.com. (And many thanks to Sara for emailing me about these amazing photos!)

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  1. I was already thinking about getting a Wai-Ching dress… this dress has made up my mind! Its so beautiful!

  2. i love how colorful it is! colorful weddings make me so happy. more brides should keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to 2 or 3 colors (usually black, white and an accent color or two). you can use as many colors as you like! definitely makes for a more “fun” feel + interesting wedding photos forever.

  3. wow.. it’s looks like she’s shedding parts of her dress as flower petals. 🙂 cool pic, too. Yay, Wai Ching!

  4. Uh, okay, I just checked out the Wai Ching website, and once again I am kicking myself that I didn’t find Offbeat Bride and all the cool vendors she knows of until AFTER my wedding. Those dresses are not only out of this world, they’re not even expensive!!!

  5. gorgeous!

    love chrissy. i can’t even say how much i want the inca, even though i have no where to wear it.

  6. So gorgeous!!
    I’m glad I’m getting a Wai-Ching…
    but it’s not quite as colourful! Damn!! Envy right here!

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