Time Warping, happy dads, and much celebrating with Liz Daley Events — the Virginia DJ who doesn't suck

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We call this one "Liz and the Marine." (Photo by David Bestpitch)

Liz Daley (pictured above) is a Wedding Entertainment Director® — what does that mean? Well, that's a fancy title for "a DJ who doesn't suck." If that's exactly what you're searching for in the Virginia area, then you'll want to learn more about our sponsor Liz Daley Events, because she's more than just "a DJ who doesn't suck." Liz is the total package when it comes to wedding entertainment, and all that it entails.

Hell, even if you're not looking for a DJ, or you're not on the East Coast, you're going to want to keep scrolling just for the awesome photos of dancing dads…

Have you ever seen a happier dancing dad?
Have you ever seen a happier dancing dad? (Photo by Echard Wheeler)

Liz is a trained and credentialed entertainer — Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, and Event Director — who has a passion for helping offbeat couples create amazing wedding receptions, and making your dad dance his ass off. It's not surprising that she discovered this passion while working in the special event industry as a side job to support her acting habit. (Ah, the life of a starving artist.) Of course, being in the event industry in the '90s means that Liz has heard the Electric Slide (and other cheesy classics) one too many times. Which also means, you reap the benefits of a reduced-cheese reception playlist! (…unless of course you like cheese, which is awesome! In which case Liz can bring on the classic Velveeta good times!)

There shall be well-timed garter toss moments, if you so desire.
There shall be well-timed garter toss moments, if you so desire. (Photo by GrantDeb Photographers)

Once Liz connected with her current business partner, and founder of The WED Guild, Peter Merry, her eyes were opened to the possibility of bringing her theatrical experience to the world of weddings. And that is when Liz Daley started to do all sorts of entertaining things that would make any offbeat couple stoked. Liz has:

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  • Sung from Phantom of the Opera during dinner, because her couple loved Broadway!
  • Done the Time Warp again.
  • Stepped in and officiated a wedding, complete with custom vows.
  • Roasted the bridal party during the grand entrance.
  • Created original montage mixes worthy of You Tube with surprises during the first dances.
  • Made sure to celebrate the wedding's kitchen staff, in honor of the bride's mother, a chef.
  • May or may not have been involved in helping a groom "ICE" all his groomsmen at the same time.
  • And, being from Virginia, she has even facilitated the arrival of the Hokie Bird, Virginia Tech's Mascot, to surprise the guests.
Pull off awesome Father-Daughter dances with Liz's help.
Pull off awesome Father Daughter dances with Liz's help. (Photo by Brad Howe Photography)

I love the way Liz describes her outlook on the wedding experience…

Weddings are like live awards telecasts. There are welcomes, there are introductions, there is humor, there is performance, there are honorees, and there are the big winners (the couple). There are no do-overs. Everything is rehearsed, and planned, and scripted, and story-boarded, and to the audience at home it appears to just happen. Same thing at a wedding. It is my job to be the Director, so that my stars look amazing, feel amazing and go home feeling like Rock Stars.
And when it's all over, you'll feel like this.
And when it's all over, you'll feel like this. (Photo by Brad Howe Photography)

Along with DJing, and the mastering of ceremonies, and just being generally awesome, Liz also offers wedding planning services, custom first dances, and even a photo booth!

What did I say? She's the entire wedding entertainment package! Which is why you should snap Liz Daley up ASAP, before she's Time Warping with someone else on your wedding day.

  1. I can personally attest to how awesome Liz is! Apparently we were here first couple who did the Time Warp at our wedding as a surprise at the end of our first dance. Liz and I clicked instantly when we met in person, since we both had that love and passion for theatre.

    Plus she also custom made my father/daughter dance with a voice over from me that had everyone at the reception (including me and my dad!) balling like babies. She is definitely WELL worth the money.

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