Vintage-styled wedding shoes for thoroughly modern brides

March 18 2011 | arielmstallings
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All Dressed Up Heels By SeychellesPut on some old-timey music and your sepia-toned sunglasses, my friends. It's time for some vintage-esque wedding shoes.

Inspired by a collection I saw on Ruche (danger: TONS of shoes under $50!), I decided to wrangle up some of my very favorite shoes that nod at times gone by — these are mostly of the t-strap/mary jane/sexy school marm era.

BONUS: every single pair is under $100. Go git 'em, ladies!

As always, click the shoes to learn more about the style!

Ready For Anything Pumps By Seychelles

Turk Cutout Heels By Chelsea Crew

Raleigh Colorblocked Heels

Dion Flats By Restricted

Mystique Lace Oxfords By Latigo

Slice It Laser Cut Wedges By Restricted

It's Uncanny Peep Toe Wedges

Stagefright Heels By Seychelles

Seline Pointed Toe Pumps By Restricted

Ismay Heels By B.A.I.T. Footwear

A Bit Of Magic Cutout Wedges By Restricted

Ida Heels In Taupe By B.A.I.T. Footwear

  1. Oh, now THESE are the shoes I'm looking for! Even though I'll be wearing boots. These shoes are exactly the kind I prefer to wear on a daily basis (when I'm not wearing sneakers or boots, that is). I think it's the heel. And the straps. And the pretty.

  2. THOSE ARE MY WEDDING SHOES!!!! The first pair, from the Indigo by Clarks line. They are THE MOST comfortable dress shoes I've put on my lovely little feet. SERIOUSLY, if you're thinking about them, go for it.

    And no, I am not affiliated with Clarks – they're just THAT awesome!! 😀

  3. They are the shoes anachronism!

    These would be a killer replacement for a vintage pair I had. (Who knew that antique soles hate modern pavement?)

    • If the strap is low down, like on the gray ones on the far right in the third row, it shouldn't shorten your legs..

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have been driving myself MAD trying to find vintage-y looking shoes, now I have lots to ogle!

  5. oh. my. goodness.
    my heart just exploded.
    i want all of these.
    one for every wedding activity.
    and one for every day of the honeymoon.

  6. I just tried to buy the ones in the main picture (my wedding's in 3 weeks!!) but they don't ship to Australia! Boo!

  7. oh my friggin' god. First with the vintage key bottle opener (above), now these? Seriously, you're killing me. I'm supposed to be doing dissertation research, not shopping for my wedding that's not until 2012.

    Dammit. These are exactly for what I've been looking. Curse/Love you, Ariel!!!!!!

  8. Why is it that the ones I instantly fall in love with are $385??? AHHHHH!!!!! April, can you do a shoe post for super budgeted brides? Like, maybe all shoes under $50?

  9. I'm having my Victorian/Nouveau anachronistic wedding in a grove of trees by the sea and haven't been able to find ANYTHING. I love heels (total shoe whore right here) but needed something vintage with a thicker heel so that I don't aerate the ground…Loving you so much right now Ariel. <3

  10. What are the red ones on the next to last row of shoes? The link is no longer working. Does anyone know their name?

  11. Wanted to check out the pair on the top left, but it took me to Zappos with a 404 error. Does that mean they no longer carry that item? (I've seen a few other pairs do that too)

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