How’s about a little vintage wedding inspiration?

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Mum and Dad's wedding day

Ariel and I were squeeing like squeebies over some vintage photos that were sent to us via Twitter. (Thanks @zwizh!) We thought you might want to squee along with us.

Tres Hippies, El Paso, September, 1975

This photo is entitled “Tres Hippies, El Paso, September, 1975.” The one in the middle is the groom. Now *I* die.

The sextastic short dresses and the colors that everyone is rocking on this photo. I think the groomsman's purple suit and the bridesmaid's shoes are killing it!

Spanish wedding couple

The description of this photos says, “Found image. I think this is a 1920s wedding. It was the custom in some parts of Spain to be married in your best dress which would have been black. I bought this photograph in Madrid.” I don't know what I love more, the headpiece, the dress, or that epic ‘stache.


I have a happy-time thing for bridesmaids wearing veils. And I think that these little veils might actually be the same turquoise blue as their dresses. Oh '50s fashion, how I adore thee.

Vintage 1955 Wedding

This wedding photo from 1955 is just a stunning piece of wedding photography. I could stare at it all day. This photo is of Flickr member DevaVB‘s mom and dad, and, she tells me, they were married for fifty-five years!

If you have awesome vintage wedding photos, share a link in the comments!

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Comments on How’s about a little vintage wedding inspiration?

  1. I love it! It would be great to have this every Friday!

    Then it wouldnt be Monday Montage, but Friday… Funtage? Dunno. But please make it a thing! =)

  2. Yes, please do make this a regular Friday thing!

    Also, Tres Hippies, I die as well. FH and his buddies should seriously consider that look.

  3. i love it! And OMG! Does the first bride have a horseshoe sewn into her dress??? thats awesome!
    BTW, what constitutes vintage?

  4. Oh, yes. Yes we do. So much so that this is my first post and I’ve been reading this page since it’s inception.

    Also, can anyone tell me about what appears to be a horse shoe hanging on the first dress?

    • In Scotland children traditionally give horseshoes on ribbon to the bride for good luck as they come out of the church (or ceremony) so I think she is just holding it and it’s blending in with the dress.

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