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Updated Oct 12 2015
Catching a Ride
Having trouble shopping for the perfect vintage-style favors? Check these out…

Since we're in the midst of another era-themed wedding week on Offbeat Bride, I thought I'd do another themed favor roundup. I've already given y'all favor ideas for rock 'n' roll weddings and geeky weddings, but now it's time for vintage and retro-style favors. This roundup features items that will not only be a little something nice for your guests, but some will do double duty as adorable decor and/or yummy treats!

(NOTE: Everything is optional when it comes to weddings, and so are wedding favors — but they can be awesome if you find the right stuff.)

I'm kicking this off with my FAVORITE favor of all time — these skeleton key bottle openers. I have a couple of these babies and I use them all the time. I recommend buying one for yourself if you don't have a wedding favor purchase to make (it's what I had to do after lusting after these for far too long).

Use recycled cans, jars, and bottles as your centerpieces, then slap vintage-style labels to them and BOOM! wedding decor that also doubles as take-home favors. not only has a great DIY photo inspiration, but they also provided a downloadable template for their vintage-style labels.

I know how much you love vintage typewriters, so I can only imagine how much you'll love this vintage typewriter place card setting. After the wedding your guests can take it home and happily use it as a photo holder, because it's freaking adorable.

mason jarsI love Wendy and James' Mason jar set up, and it's so easy! Just buy drinking Mason jars in bulk, tell your guests to grab one and write their name on the labels attached, then let them take 'em home.

place cardsHow about vintage-style compasses since you FOUND each other. These compass keychains can be a bit pricey (depending on the size your guest list) but GORGEOUS. These are cheaper and like the ones featured above, but don't have that nifty keychain feature.

Use small antiqued place card frames that your guests can then take home and use as small photo frames.

I heart these mini classic gumball dispensers. Perfect for a retro '50s-style wedding.

6, 1.5 oz Mini Hexagon Glass Jars for jam and honey wedding favors
6, 1.5 oz Mini Hexagon Glass Jars for jam and honey wedding favors
If you can can, you could can homemade jam! (Best sentence I've ever written?)

I'm geeking out over these old timey mustache tins filled with peppermints. So many great things about that combo.

Antique appeal and country charm abound with this vintage-style wooden box. Use them as place card holders or a holder for some candy edibles. Or maybe for tea lights and general vintage wedding decor?

These retro popcorn cartons would be perfect for filling with Offbeat Bride-style custom popcorn — yummy!

Speaking of yummy, what about these vintage candies from the 1800s to the 1900s, or more specifically the '40s, '50s, and '60s.

Vintage book page favor bags from Etsy seller theepapergirl.
Basically ANYTHING can be put into these favor bags made from vintage book pages. They not only enhance your decor, but play perfectly on your vintage theme.

And I'm spent. Your turn! Did you have/are you going to have vintage-themed favors? And if so, give us the details!

    • Oh hell yeah! And solves two problems at once — what to serve drinks in, and what to do for favors. Let 'em take the jars home!

      • <3 that idea, and wouldve done it if my reception hadnt already had cups (a bar…)I may still use this idea for a party at some point 🙂

  1. Love this post! We're having a Route 66/Road trip themed wedding so I'm going to make retro style key chains with photos we've taken on our road trips.

  2. I actually did the Popcorn thing……We had 3 different flavours, Caramel, Butter and Salt and White Cheddar. They were a hit! Word of advice, do make sure to wrap them in bags, we used gift basket bags, if not the popcorn goes stale very quickly.

  3. I actually brought the gumball machines for my 50's wedding about a month ago!! Got them in red and white to match the theme colors!
    LOVE THEM! Can't wait for the guests to see in November!

  4. I'm glad someone has bought the gumball mini's. The Double Bubble comic has a character by the name of Pud. Well my Fiance's nickname is Pud since the time he was a toddler. So we liked the mini double bubbles. Glad to know they aren't too chintzy.
    Also LOVE the skeleton key bottle openers. and If I book a photobooth, guests can take some prints home too.

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