Pretty vintage wedding accessories: capelets, gloves, headpieces, and more!

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This vintage wedding capelet is from LaVoileRose

I normally focus my Friday posts on alternative wedding shoes, today I think I'm going to spend some time with vintage wedding accessories.

Part of wanting to spend some time with them is just that the pictures are so dang pretty. I love this aesthetic… vintage-y, romantic, lovely. It's just so dang pretty.

For those of you whose tastes run more classic, vintage, and understated, let's bathe in this prettiness together. Today is all about vintage wedding accessories like fascinators, veils, headbands, gloves, and clutches. Plus some amazing same-sex wedding accessory inspo at the end!!

As always with these things, click the pictures for more information…

Love the vintage bridal headpiece from Sibo Designs, combined with the very modern faux-hawk hair!
This vintage rhinestone wedding belt is from HandmadeMKE


Rhinestone vintage bridal headpiece from TimAndDanGoods
This antique wedding veil is from Gardens of Whimsy
Vintage wedding gloves from CICIWeddingStore
Vintage-styled wedding fascinator</a from OnlyHandmadeJewelry
Vintage lace bridal clutch from Etsy seller LacePurce
Romantic vintage wedding headpiece from Gadegaard Design


This doesn't really relate to vintage wedding accessories BUT STILL

I stumbled across this photo and was like THIS IS THE GAY WEDDING OF MY FEVER DREAMS. 👬👑👑 More grooms in crowns, please!! Gay or straight, I don't care I just love the leak. This is from Etsy seller TimAndDanGoods

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  1. I am in love with their stuff! I am thinking of getting this for my wedding dress.

    I want to get jewelery from the site to go with it too. I love that their stuff is affordable and has a cool vintage feel to it and is very feminine.

  2. I wish that rose lace dress from the Treasured Traditions pic were in the plus sized section. LOVES.

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