Juliet caps, flowers, and lace: fabulous vintage veils and headpieces

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Get ready for some glamour with Ziegfeld Girls. Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Looking at vintage veils and headpieces makes me giddy. Some of them are completely out there and some have come right back into style. Wrapped turban style, delicate lacy headbands, and long Juliet caps are the order of the day. Today's Superficial Snack is also a Vintage Snack! Let's take a look at some lovely and cool vintage veils and headpieces.

B. Vikki Vintage has been collecting these newspaper clippings from the 1950s.
I am loving the curvy veil style above and this half hat with birdcage.

This style has definitely made a comeback. See Kate Moss' take on it. Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

A Ziegfeld Girl in a lacy headband. Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

A Ziegfeld Girl wearing a cape as a head covering. Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Marjorie Daw in a 1921 movie wearing a floral jeweled headband. Photo via John Springer Collection/Corbis

Are you wearing a vintage-style veil or hat to your wedding? Tell us about it.

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Comments on Juliet caps, flowers, and lace: fabulous vintage veils and headpieces

  1. PERFECT timing! I’ve been gathering lots of ideas of vintage coronets, juliet caps, and the like

    Hadn’t been able to really “see” any of them making the look I want until now!

    Thank you thank you thank you for putting up this article today

    -Puppy Spit’s Mama

  2. I’m making a headband (and dress) inspired by Grace Kelly’s. I’m going to be using lace that belonged to both my and my guys grandmothers.

  3. My husband-to-be and I are both student nurses. I’m making my veil over a vintage-style nursing cap!

      • I know, right? I think tiaras should be another option for vintage hair accessories. The best way to find such inspiration is Googling images of female royals from around the first several decades of the 20th century (or earlier!).

  4. I’m getting married next Friday, and I’m going to wear a veil that my grandfather bought in 1952 to be my Mum’s First Communion veil, even though it was actually a woman’s wedding veil. My Mum, all my female cousins, my sister and I wore this veil to our First Communions, and now I’m going to wear it to my wedding! It’ll be the veil’s 60th year of use, and the first time it will be worn for its original purpose. For me, it’ll be a tangible symbol of protection and love, as it has passed through the hands of so many of my loved ones.

  5. Ah ha, so short hair can pull off a massive veil! I’m in awe of the gorgeousness, and completely inspired by that fourth pic.

  6. I am planning to wear some sort of birdcage veil, to have my beloved 40’s style 🙂

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