Vintage-style wedding headband

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Photos courtesy of Daria Bishop Photography

When I asked Katie about her amazing 1920s-style wedding headband, she reported that it was the work of Etsy seller Boring Sidney, who makes amazing little hats and headpieces of all sorts.

And if you're looking for lots of vintage wedding inspiration, you must flip through Mario and Katie's wedding pictures. He's a magician, and she's his assistant — so of course their wedding looked like this:


To read their full wedding story, click here!

Thanks again to the amazing Daria Bishop for her stunning photography!

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  1. Hee, I’ve been Etsy-stalking Boring Sidney for months, it’s lovely to see her work here, too!

  2. Thanks so much for posting our pics on your site, Ariel! Our wedding was just this past Saturday, and our awesome photographers, Daria Bishop and her husband and second-shooter Andy ( gifted us with a mini album of these awesome shots on the very night of the wedding!!

    • Hi Katie I’m planing my wedding right now and my soon to be hubby wants a magicians top hat and im swooning over your hubby’s if possible do you know where i could get one as close to his as possible that would be just awesomeness!!!! thanx xD

  3. So far, this is my favorite vintage style wedding. And you guys look adorable while working together in your other photos.

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