Get that vintage-style photography that you love from Seattle’s Nani Oei Photography

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For those of you who love that “vintage photography” look, you guys are gonna flip out over our newest offbeat sponsor, Nani Oei Photography. Seattle photographer Nani certainly specializes in that dreamy vintage feeling, and combine that with her penchant for portrait journalism and you get this magic:

And how does the magic happen? Nani says that she tries ber best to blend in and take candid photos.

Quite a few of my clients told me that they didn't notice me much in the wedding event but I got all the shots they loved. This is how I operate. I think the photos will show the moments of the event when people are not aware of my presence.


Nani Oei Photography also rocks the engagement shoots something fierce. For $250 you could have gorgeous, vintage-style photos that document your lerve.

And when you want Nani to document your entire wedding, you'll get her for eight hours of photography and all the photos in her signature vintage-style that you could possibly want.

Nani Oei's photography talents aren't just reserved for Seattle brides — she's totally willing to travel anywhere in the US. So, hook yourself up with Nani Oei Photography and get the wedding porn of your vintage-inspired dreams!

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  1. Wow, those engagement shots totally amaze me, especially the one of the couple standing in the doorway. Gorgeous, and they look totally natural and easy.

    Or maybe I just think the woman’s cute. 😉

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