Vintage snack: love in the time of war

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This couple survived a five-year separation that started just one day after the wedding. But they did look fantastic in their going away outfits. Gloves need to come back in style again.

Here is what Becky had to say about her amazing submission:

This is my nan and grandad, Edith and Jack, on their wedding day, April 5, 1940. Nan was a balloon operator in the Women's Royal Air Force and grandad was a private in the British Rifle Brigade. He was deployed to Calais the day after their wedding and captured and held in a POW camp for five years. In the POW camp, he bumped into his brother-in-law, my great uncle Len, who was reported MIA and presumed dead four months prior.

Side note: she remembers her dress being red!

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  1. wow, i can’t believe nobody’s commented on this post. This is so romantic! I can just imagine the many emotions going on inside them: the happiness of being married to your loved one, and the pain of the impending departure, and who knows what else.

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